Does anybody else hate the "peasant" lines of the GK?

I really do, and I wish they were reverted back to their normal counterparts.

I think it’s so very out of character for him to call his buddies peasants, expecially his witch hunter superior. I could buy it if it was done jokingly, but that doesn’t seem the case.
But then I’m biased against the GK in general.

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I believe he uses them exclusively in place for ‘sir’ towards Victor precisely because he is no longer his superior.


You might be right there.
Except, tecnically, he is. As Victor points out in a dialogue with Kerillian “while you walk in the empire of Sigmar, you’re under my jurisdiction” - paraphrasing here.


But they clearly are jokey lines, though?

Besides, when you are personally chosen by the Lady of the Lake to be a Grail Knight, some random-ass witch hunter captain is certainly not your superior anymore. In spite of his humble beginnings, Markus is entitled to rub shoulders with Bretonnian nobility as a Grail Knight, because the Lady has deemed him worthy.


That might very well be, but it’s still not a reason for him to be an ass. I feel it’s out of character for him, and I’m not sure they are joke lines. I mean, they may be intended as such, but they don’t feel like it, expecially because they just replaced “sir” in old voice lines, where the point was something else entirely.

I’m talking about the execution more than the idea itself now. I mean, if we had a new voice line (when in Norsca for example) like “I no longer have to call you sir, now, do I? …peasant” done with his joking voice (and having a reply from Saltzpyre, possibly) now that would be something else.


The execution of the Outcast Engineer’s new voicelines (where you have actual conversations with the other characters) is certainly better than the Grail Knight’s cut-and-paste work, no argument there. I have no knowledge of the ins and outs of the development process for the GK, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the initial onset of the coronavirus situation had an adverse effect on the recording sessions for the career.


I agree, Krubs mockingly unwinding after all that time under Victor’s command may be a fun idea, but the new lines sound downright harsh, which is itself not characteristic for Krubs. He might be a stern and savvy bloke, but he has never been a jerk. Unless that comes with Lady’s blessing as well - seeing how she is likely a filthy elgi herself, I won’t be surprised there :laughing:

P.S. Enter the ‘death stare’ pic from @Jaffawer



here you go


To be honest, yes it might be a lazy job, but I find it ******* hilarious :smiley:
But it might be just me and my pals as we laugh all the peasant memes as well (console peasants etc. etc.).

I love how the grail knight blessing has changed him into being sort of a pompous prick :smiley:
Yeah don’t know, just love how he suddenly refers to everyone as a peasant…


I am not sure if it´s Kruber deliberately being an ass so much as it is him kinda jokingly playing of stereotypes when he does it. As a former imperial soldier who has been raiding Brettonia he is probably familiar with the way the really pompous ones act.

Because i mean lets face it, Kruber might be the type to kill superiors he thinks are incompetent but he is nice if a bit crude towards his buddies and he would not actually disdain them. Especially not someone like Saltz who is good at his job off hunting&killing chaos servants even if he is also a zealot who goes into a berserker’s rage when he gets triggered.

The peasant jokes are instead uttered with about as much seriousness as when non grail Kruber calls Saltz “Sir” during certain conversations…


I don’t inherently dislike them, but I do find them lackluster when you think about it and see that there’s hardly any dialogue to reflect the changes of becoming a Grail Knight on Kruber. When you compare the implementation of Grail Knight with Outcast Engineer it becomes quite apparent. Especially because Grail Knight being such a drastic change would require far more work than just some lines saying peasant and some others more suited to a bretonnian character (Praising/Thanking/Pleading for protection from the Lady instead of Taal/Sigmar).

My main gripe with those lines is that they’re the most present voice lines as a Grail Knight Kruber and it makes our boy de Mandelot embody the Virtue of Noble Disdain to such an extent that it feels out of character for him. Of all Knightly Virtues, and despite being a heritage Mandelot and Parravon, I feel Kruber would embody Empathy the most of all virtues. His dialogue hardly reflects that.

I feel like Kruber’s dialogue as a Grail Knight isn’t finished tbh, someone mentioned the Covid-19 outbreak impacting the recording of said voicelines and I believe that to be the case. There are certain lines of dialogue where whatever he says does not match the subtitles and I believe that’s a reflection of this situation. For instance, Kruber calls the team goodfellows instead of mates, and I’m pretty sure goodfellows is a known bretonnian way to address their friends (I can’t remember especifically where, but I believe it’s in the Knights of the Grail 2ed RPG Book). There are some lines where he still praises Sigmar or Taal but the subtitle is quite different, where he says something relating to his status as a Grail Knight or where he praises the Lady. For instance, when you get the killing blow on Bodvarr Memespreader, Kruber might praise Taal or Sigmar for the death of the Champion but the subtitles he says something along the lines of “The champion is dead, an expected ending for believing he could contend with a Grail Knight.”

TL;DR I don’t hate the lines, but I feel they’re a poor representation of Kruber as a Grail Knight and more dialogue and voicelines are needed.


The only thing that’s wrong with the voicelines are that they’re not done with a heavy french accent. 'nuff said.

Bretonnians are modelled after French society in medieval times, his accent is a slap in the face to Bretonnia.

For ze lady!

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Well, I’d argue that he isn’t (from the viewpoint of a Bretonnian nobility)…
I mean, they got the slaves (serfs) and they are free to do anything they please with them basically.
I’d say GK is very much in character. He’s not exactly a paladin the way we understand it…

Yes, but that’s exactly my point: it’s in character for a bretonnian knight, and it would be all fine and dandy if it was a new character, but it’s dear old Kruber we are talking about. This change makes it feel like he’s brainwashed (perhaps he was) to the point where it feels like a different character.


Bubkis! That’s peasant-talk!

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Jokes aside though, I like the characterization of it. I don’t hate the lines.


Yeah, I would agree with that.
However that’s actually a deeper problem: Careers.
Their original careers are: Merc Captain, Waywatcher, Ranger, Witchhunter Captain, Battle Wizard. Period.
All other careers (for our beloved Ubersreik Five) do not fit Warhammer lore imho. One person cannot be Merc/Hunter/Empire Knight and Grail Knight at the same time.
That’s why I suggested yeaaars back that they retire to NPCdom due to being too OP. In their stead we can Ubersreik Five’s Company. This way we can get Merc Captain fighting alongside Grail Knight.
It might had given rise to more issues than it solved (and would have required a TON more work in fleshing out characters - the tasty dialogues), however to me it sounded as a legit option.

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They aren’t. They are either. That is a distinction.

This would cause heavy balance problems. While one thinks that supplement of strength and weaknesses yields the best results, it is actually the stacking of one strength to get to overpowered levels (see attack speed for example). If you have one strength that is so overwhelming it doesn’t matter if you have crippling weaknesses.
Let’s take an extreme example like four Shades (so four time the same Career). There is nothing in the game that could touch them if they organize themselves just a little bit. Sure, you didnt say same careers but just different careers from the same character. Then let us take the three wizard careers side by side all with Conflag or Fireball. They could make the whole map dance or just nuke everything into oblivion. It is not a legit option.


I kind of like the casually dismissive peasant lines from Kruber to Salty.

They’re like. “That’s pretty good work, for a peasant.”

Although I wouldn’t mind seeing more GK lines added to the game.


Wish there was more unique lines honestly for every career, voice lines so much fun and character to game. Dark elf and high elf Kerrillians more Bretonian ze lines plz ect… suicidal slayer and zealot!

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