Markus de Mandelot - A Blog Post by Lohner


"So Kruber’s a Grail Knight, is he now? Can’t say I’m surprised. Well, a little bit surprised, but you don’t last long in my trade if you go around raising eyebrows at the slightest thing. Don’t worry. Let Uncle Franz set you straight.

Truth is, there’s a lot more trading of bloodlines back and forth across the border than you might think. Sure, those frog-courtin’ fancypants might hold pretty strange notions about warfare and religion, but when it comes down to it we’re all human. When your back’s against the wall, it’s a lot easier to go looking for help from your own kind – even if they do talk funny – than the likes of elves. No offence, Kerillian.

…well, maybe a little offence. You’ve earned it…

Anyway, same’s true of what you might call ‘local trouble’. Plenty of our scoundrels slip through Axe Bite Pass and make a new live for ‘emselves in Bretonnia when the law comes a-knockin’. And there’s plenty come the other way, too. There was a village up by Eilhart where every other family had a Bretonnian name – better than average bone structure too, come to think of it – descendants of some outcast baron’s servants, or so I heard.

Not that our Kruber’s descended from peasantry, or even disgraced nobility. I’ve been asking around. I’ve got one or two mates across the border – never you mind who – and they reckon he’s the only living heir of one Foricarl de Mandelot."

"Big old hero in his day, was old Foricarl. Saved Parravon from a dragon in righteous style. There were tapestries, and everything. Something of a hit with the damsels, so I hear. When he rode to tourney, you could barely see his lance for the weight of the ribbons of favour. Problem was, some of Foricarl’s knightly brethren didn’t hold quite the same esteem. Jealousy, you know.

Worst afflicted by the green-eyed daemon was the Duke of Parravon’s son, Willibald. He wasn’t exactly a coward… but who wants to cheer on a killer of beastmen when there’s a genuine dragon-slayer holding court in Parravon’s best tavern? There was even talk of the king insisting the duchy of Parravon pass not to Willibald, but to Foricarl. That king hated dragons something fierce, on account of having lost a daughter, an arm and a good mess of pride to one some years before.

And then the old duke ups and dies in mysterious circumstances, and all evidence points to Foricarl, doesn’t it? Poor sod’s forced to flee the city or lose ‘is head. Willibald was found out in the end – that Fay Enchantress of theirs got herself involved. Turned ‘im into a frog. She likes doing that.

…what do you mean, who’s the Fay Enchantress? I thought you’d travelled. I suppose you could say she’s the Lady of the Lake’s herald. Does all her dirty work. Bretonnians revere her, at least to her face. Don’t want to end up as frogs, I suppose…

Anyway… When the truth comes out, everyone’s looking for Forical, only he’s nowhere to be found. And now we know why, don’t we? Despairing of ever proving his innocence, he came tripping across the border and continued the monster slaying business as a hermit in the Ubersreik Hills… though I guess he must have come out of hiding occasionally, seeing as he’s got a descendent shacked up in the keep with the rest of us.

Time passes. Name dies out, and along comes our Markus.

See? Simple. But that’s only half the story."

"‘Grail Knight’ ain’t just a rank. It’s a holy station, earned in battle with some ghastly monstrosity, or a whole mess of ‘em. Supposedly the Lady of the Lake – assuming she’s real, I ain’t exactly a believer – sends visions to worthy candidates, guiding them on a righteous path of carnage. If they survive, she lets ‘em sup from the grail and blesses them with holy strength.

That’s what happened to Kruber. He’s got the bloodline. He’s thrown down with plenty of ghastly monstrosities, sure as pumpkins is pumpkins. So more power to his elbow, says I. Especially if it gives us a bit more oomph when it comes to dealing with the Pactsworn. Like I said, when backs are against the wall, and all that.

So yeah, I reckon we keep an eye on Kruber and see what develops. That means no accusations of heresy and witchcraft, Victor. He’s still our Markus, even if he does keep attempting that dreadful accent. The Lady of the Lake might not be our goddess, but a goddess she remains… and she hates Chaos something rotten, so the stories go. We’d be mad to put her pretty nose out of joint, don’t you think?

Then again, if she’s putting the ‘fluence on old Kruber, then I’ll be looking to the rest of you to make sure it doesn’t lead him into harm’s way. Risking your lives is my job, and I won’t have any sodden spirit muscling in on my territory, d’you hear?

Good. Glad we had this chat. Best you keep it from Kruber. No sense ‘im getting upset, is there?"


Premier !

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Why is this post not written in BRETONNIAN ?

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Lohner speaks not the language of the

frog-courtin’ fancypants


We don’t court frogs, we eat them !


Kruber with a bad french accent is back on the menu, boys

“Even if he does keep attempting that dreadful accent.”

So…the premise is that he’s conveniently a long lost bretonnian noble despite Ostland and Bretonnia being not close to each other. Starts doing a french accent because at this point screw it, why not, and the unique weapon that separates this subclass for his other is…a sword?

Out of every single subclass that could have possibly been chosen, this one is among the most of a let down, for so many reasons. :poop: Expect more reviews like WoM.


Nice, I was waiting for the supreme lore behind all o’ this.

I buy it! Been nervously waiting for the stream to bombard you guys with questions about it but this pretty much clears almost everything up. I still wanna hear more details about Ze Lady approaching him and why she chose him, but that’s probably something we’ll hear from Markus himself through voicelines.

Thanks for the read!


Kruber may have served in an army in Ostland, but he grew up in a Farm in Ubersreik.

Which is in the Reikland, which is right next to Bretonnia.
Also, the whole thing about the accent sounds like a joke, mate.


If someone cares about Kruber’s background and Warhammer lore enough to be upset by this, how the hell would they make it past the purchase button to then complain in a review?
Or are you going to buy it just to write a negative review and then refund it?


What ? Travelers ? How is that lore friendly !!§§!§ No one could possibly travel in Warhammer !

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Like he said, they will do the same stupidity they did with WoM. Meaning they write negative reviews concerning the DLC for the main game.

Then they will buy the DLC anyway and write another negative review. And then they will write a negative review for another DLC because of changes in the main game or yet another unrelated DLC.

Seriously, idiots are ready to abuse the review system hard. But I don’t think that there are many lore guardians which would be baffled enough by this explanation to write a negative review for it.

If I’m playing VT2 and my immersion is broken because of something that was added, yeah, I would absolutely have to go back and adjust my review of the game to say that I used to be happy with it, but am not anymore.

GK Kruber is ridiculous, a sword based melee class is not something that would be unique compared to FK/Merc, and this explanation is the very definition of a cop out. Lazy writing, and its equally frustrating because there were plenty of other options for a new class that added much more in terms of unique mechanics, and are much less of a lore abnormality.

FS not understanding that a warhammer fantasy game might have a large number of warhammer fantasy fans who are particular about warhammer lore, and not understanding how those people would react negatively to this, is incompetence.

Last thing you want as a game developer is to announce that you’re putting out a new class, and for a ton of people to immediately hate it. And yet the forums are ablaze. And rightly so, because wtf guys.

May as well just give Saltzpyre a dark elf sorcerer career next and put out a post like “Oh, his great great grandmother on his dad’s side was a very naughty elf! He’s got the blood, and he knows so much about dark magic from Witch Huntering so, here you go!”


You keep bringing that it’s lazy writing that he have a bretonnian ancestor, despite real life medieval proving that neighbour countries does exchange a lot.

You keep bringing that a sword based melee class would not be unique, which does totally explain what it’s a new career rather than a new character. To keep it as unique as it can be. Without stretching in too much into 3 careers.


Just out of curiousity as we have to see how it plays out. But would you admit being wrong if the DLC does not end with an overwhelming negative score?

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Now You need to make kruber speak frou frou and “just a flesh wound”

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Continuing the discussion from Markus de Mandelot - A Blog Post by Lohner:

I hope I’m wrong, Adelion. Even if I don’t like GK for kruber, a successful DLC for FS means money they can put back into the game. It could mean more maps and potentially a new subclass that I like better.

But I think there’s a pretty big disconnect between FS game direction, and what most people playing their games actually want. I think we saw that very clearly with WoM, but there are solid examples of it all the way back to War of The Roses. They’ve had multiple games that could have been genuinely incredible instead flounder and taper off prematurely, due to bad direction.

If we look at their DLCs right now, we’ve got 2 maps. 3 copied maps. 1 map + a failed game mode and new enemy race that was received so negatively it ended up being mostly removed, 3 copied maps, an announcement for versus that was made way too early so there’s nothing to deliver on, a bunch of mictrotransactions, and a “new class” that’s a verrrry similar copy from existing classes that already has a large number of people feeling negatively about it.

When you just lay it out like that, its pretty meh. Which is a shame, because the initial game was excellent and it still has a lot of potential to grow. But I think this is yet another DLC that will stretch the lore unnecessarily and also deliver an underwhelming play experience.


Drachenfels maps are not ‘copied’


I love how people are losing their mind about Kruber having a grail knight class, y’all forgot about Kerillian having a druchi/asur class? It’s okay if sometimes Fatshark take a little bit of liberty for the sake of gameplay for the new class. I mean fatshark was always good at respecting the lore, I’m fine with it personally. As long as Fatshark deliver good stuff I’m on board.

I mean they even try to give an explanation on it, they could have just said “yeah guys deal with it”.