Grail Knight Armour Left Elbow

Here the Grail Knight:

Here the Mercenary:

Question FatShark, was this intended as in “Grail Knight Kruber used his Mercenary Armour to supplement his own” or was it just lazy/oversight as in "Let´s just copy this texture, but we forgot to delete the Sigmarhammer and Empire Laurels?

When I saw this for the first time, I definitely thought it was no coincidence. Kruber left some of his mercenary armor as a memento of his service. Or to show that he is still loyal to the Empire.


While I do think it’s an oversight, I think it’s not a bad one. I’d appreciate the grail knight more if Kruber was less on board with the concept. I’d have expected Kruber to be a reluctant GK at best, instead he shouts Bretonnian names, and calls Saltzpyre a peasant. Oh well, Bardin saw it coming:
“Stealing kills, mocking dawi, Kruber’s becoming quite the villain!” :stuck_out_tongue:

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