Kruber's a dumb oaf

I avoid playing Kruber because he sounds like such an idiot. He has nothing witty to say. Ok, once in a while I hear a clever comment from him iirc. And his ‘time to go hunting’ is a thrill to hear next to me. But that’s the thing–most of the other players have many phrases and sounds that give me a thrill or a laugh or some kind of good feeling. I enjoy their personality. As it is, Krub is just Saltz’s boring slave. I feel like a bum when I play him and he talks.

The voice acting in the game is phenomenal. All great sounding voices, even Krub. All the other classes have so much character and wit. I even love Kerillian’s persona–when we beat Rasknitt and she says ‘it was worth it’ it’s a beautiful moment. Saltz’s creepy humor is so fun to play, his little sounds make me laugh out loud, I’m constantly enjoying him. It’s truly brilliant. And so on.

So the point is Fatshark should put some thought into making Kruber cooler. Phase in some more thoughtful lines. He’s just a stupid sports fan currently and I’m bored and embarassed to “be” him. “Kruber, always faithful”… you know who has dignity in that exchange.

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“This is where we stand, and THEY FALL!”

“Bow down before Sir Kruber you filthy bastards”

“Aw, pìss on that Ratling!”


He has some amazing voice lines.

Also, in the keep he puts Kerillian in her place when she starts asking about him and Salty boy.


You have to understand that Kruber isn’t the grand thing as the rest of the characters. Saltzpyre is a sanctioned Witch Hunter, Sienna is a bright wizard, the dwarf once an Ironbreaker and the elf, well. Being an elf is quite the special feat on its own isn’t it?

I find Kruber interesting for he happens to be a war-torn man, the regular man hailing from the Empire. His own insights, is through the lenses of you and me. Kruber may look average but he is a very down to earth character, and I like his design. He very much so compliments the rest of the characters by just being simple. At least, that is my opinion.


Kruber is a damaged man, and suffers severe PTSD - it’s remarkable really that he’s even in the slightest bit up-beat given where he’s come from and what he finds himself involved in now. Sure, he may not know these are the End Times, but things are clearly pretty bad and for him to still be standing and pushing onwards should be seen as a huge +1 to his stoicism. :skaven:

Kruber’s as true a hero as the rest, in fact he maybe the most heroic of them all.

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Kruber is the epitome of an unsung hero. He is a hardened veteran soldier, admitted into the hidden ranks of the Reikshammer Knights and a classic Empire war-weary warrior.

He is the grounding for the rest of the team, the one man who survived where his whole regiment did not. His stoicism and determination are the very definition of being a hero against the overwhelming odds facing them. I admire him more than the others.

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Kruber has the most savage voice line of them all! Playing with a group the other day, Kerillian gets mobbed and dies, Kruber says “hmm, it’s quieter already!”

So great after all the trash talking Keri does.


Plus: It’s pretty obvious he has a mad crush on Keri, which seems to recipocrate the feeling. Kruber is imho the most deeply involved character that ranges from cheerful to mad aggression to actually being very… gentle.


I never understood where this whole “Kruber X Kerillian” thing comes from. Kruber seems mystified by her fay presence, but not in a “crush” kind of way. And Kerillian just seems to look down on him like any of the other characters.


Kruber is a chill ass bro, I would crack a beer with him. Also how does “I ale you were a wish” not make you laugh?


I totally agree with all of that but who in Warhammer Fantasy doesn’t have PTSD? :joy: The whole planet’s one big meat grinder.


Fight like it’s payday!

Kruber may not be the sharpest, but the git killed a tuskgor as a young man before joining the imperial army.

He’s a tough bugger.

She doesn’t look down on him. I would say it’s more playful banter or teasing from her. And she does seem genuinely over interested in him if you listen to their conversations in the keep. I would say the only one she actually dislikes is Salty boy. She seems to be pretty chill with Sienna and I think her and Bardin have issues due to the whole, Elf / Dwarf wars and what not. I mean, they did almost wipe each other out and they’re still feeling the affects of the war even 2000 years later.

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I do think that she treats him differently from the other heroes and quite noticably so by her standards. There’s some dialogue in the keep that shines some more light on this.

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Kruber and Victor are my favourite characters and their ongoing bromance only multiplies that. Kruber is so optimistic while also being so way in over his head. He is just a soldier stuck in such a crazy situation and manages to cope with it while being surrounded by older races, mages and crazy witch hunters.

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One of their convo’s in the keep, Salty actually wants to sign him up as a witch hunter and have him join the order. xD

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OP here. Just wanted to say, yesterday I heard some good stuff from Kruber. In one comment he talked about remembering the screaming from past battlefields . In another, he talked about being raised on a farm. That gives depth of character, an insight into the experience of a soldier. Soldiers can be interesting people; they live through extremes of human experience. They’re not always geniuses, but they have stories and philosophies that are a window into war, life and death. I don’t remember hearing those two comments before but that’s the stuff that makes me see him as a worthy guy with depth. So thanks for that.

One other mention… I also noticed a couple instances where Saltz and Kerillian gave Krub some respect. That’s important in my view, because who wants to be the whipping boy. My general sense prior was that he got no respect.

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