"LUUUUUMBERFOOTS!" active ability voiceline doesn't make sense

It makes me laugh every time, but I can’t see how Kerillian would plausibly yell this out. It’s triumphant with a hint of contempt? It’s the strangest battle cry, seeing as how it’s basically shorthand for:


Maybe it’s just me though :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes me laugh too, doesn’t seem appropriate though.

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Nah, not appropriate, but I think it’s a little jab at the redditers so salty about her voicelines. XD I like it.

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I think she might be referring to the opponents she’s dashing past? They’re lumberfoots too, in the sense that they tromp around everywhere.

It’s also one of the funniest lines in the game, purely on delivery.

Dis. One of the best things in this game.

When she says that during her actives? It’s said out of urgency and concern for her allies. The game can’t know what’s going on at the time, but it’s assumed that you use your actives for special and urgent moments, hence the tone of her voice.

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That’s exactly why it seems incongruous to me xD

This is the way Kerillian calls the other members of the party, as the same way Sienna calls them “darlings” o Kerillian calls Viktor “one eye” or, again to the party, “mayflies”

It became a very funny thing during the first game and is a great word to scream in the battle… Calling to your mates!

I love it anyways

It does makes sense in a way. I mean Kruber can shout “Sir Kruber ! Haha !”

I think it’s more of an hint to all of those bad elf main that use this to rush away from their team, calling them lumberfoots because they’re slowly keeping up behind x’)
It’s fun anyway, and I do like this kind of semi fourth wall breaking (let’s call it fourth wall scratching), like Kruber yelling “We’re the bloody Ubersreik five ! Or four ! Doesn’t matter”

“Lumberfoots” is analogous to “the Avengers!” or “Justice League!”. It’s her name for their hero team.
Kerillian, despite all her talk actually likes the team she just can’t admit it cause elf.

Indeed! And yet Sienna doesn’t have a “DAAARRRLIIINGS!!” battle cry on her ulti xD

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