This type of Elf

So first of all, loving the game. Grymt jobbat!

Just curious if it’s just me or do we all get grouped up with this typical Elf-player, constantly in a rush, trying to solo everything, speedrunning ahead, triggering a shitload of mobs which always ends up intercepting us behind and slows us down even more, focuses mostly on jumping puzzles for the grimoirs while the rest of us are dealing with hordes, specials and shield-patrols, barely hanging on?

Well this has been the case the last 3 matches with 3 different Kerillian. Maybe I’m just unlucky in matching :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is kind of true, but not completely. I recently decided to main Kerillian because I found that I like having to aim my ranged weapon precisely. Since I understand the importance of teamwork and communication in this game, I do not play the role of a “rogue” and fly off on my own. As the group is moving, I’ll pick off enemies from a distance and am always on standby to rescue a teammate from a kidnapper (pack rat), Darth Vader (leech), or assassin rat. Since I have over 50 combined hours in the beta, I know where the tomes and grimms are in all the maps except for the map where you have to pop the wall zits (I forget the name of the mission). That said, I wait until the horde is over before I show my teammates where said tomes/grimms are and how to get them.

I think that most of the new players that get in see Kerillian, think “ooo, Legolas”, choose her, feel like they need to play like a solo pro, and contribute to creating this negative stereotype about the class. This sort of behavior can be seen on any class though, especially when its a high level player. They think they know the game inside and out, go off on their own to collect tomes and grimms, next thing you know they’re dead from a single assassin rat on the other side of the world. This sort of thing happened all the time in the Left 4 Dead games, but feels more obvious in Vermintide because the characters are more like unique individuals. While it would be great if no one behaved like this, it sort of comes with the territory. Some people just think they’re superior in some way and will need to prove it at the cost of the rest of the team.


I played as Kerillian a lot when I first started out in V1 but never once ran off from my team or sacrificed their lives for tomes/grims. I had to quit playing as the elf as 90% of the games I joined, someone would either say or type, “oh great, we got another elf in our party.” They would either vote-kick me out or kill me at the start of the game assuming I would be like all the other elf players.

I’m sure there are a lot of elf players that do run off but the rest of the community is so “anti-elf” now that they won’t even give any other elf player a chance. I have no plans whatsoever to play as Kerillian in V2 because of everyone thinking that ALL elf players are terrible.

I’m sorry you’ve had problems with them running off but might I suggest that the next time it happens, don’t save them, then say (or type) the following statement, "Stay together or die alone."

Maybe sometime in the future it would stop and everyone can have an enjoyable game with the elf in their party and for those people who play as the elf who actually assist their team the way they are supposed to.

I’ve let several elves die in this beta and tell them as nicely as possible that if we all stick together, we all can succeed.

I’m hoping that one day I can play as the elf without being judged for picking her because of all the people giving her character a bad name.

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Yes. Its been that way since vermintide 1. Its part of the characters cough “personality” cough. Certain types attract certain types despite what people will tell you (maybe because it makes them look bad)
Obviously any character can do this and some kerillians dont, but its definitely more her than any other.


which is unfortunate because it gives people like me a bad name even though i try to stick to my team as much as possible :disappointed:


Well, If you encounter me with my Handmaiden, come say hello. We will stick together :slight_smile:


Things I have seen from Kerillian players:

  • Rushing ahead (duh)
  • Complaining about “killstealing”
  • Insulting Bardin for picking up the ammo he dropped for killing a special
  • Widly firing all arrows within the first 10 meters of a level into slaves, then complain for the rest of the level about the lack of ammo
  • Berate others that rushing is the best way to play the level, even with specials present
  • Went balistic because we only went for 1 Grim on a level with 2 new players
  • Complain about everyone being bad when having the most kills
  • Complain about Kruber being OP when having the most kills (Same Elf-player…)
  • Being silent for the whole game, then answering to the “gg” at the end with a “bg”… I don’t even know…

Yeah yeah, off course these are just some extreme examples, but stereotypes can be fun, right? Gotta love our resident Elfling. :smiley:


The whole situation with elf is just sad , i adore elf and have mained her since V1 and that stigma has always loomed over her . A good team playing elf is incredibley invaluable , that’s why im glad people like JSAT play her to show that the right kind of play makes a deadly team . try to not develop a bias against them because you’ve met a few bad eggs , good people/teamplaying elves suffer from all the flack that the run ahead / impatient elves create

yea… i actually just gave shield wall handmaiden a go with an off balance spear…also noticed they buffer her middle level 10 talent (and it actually WORKS now!) and yea… almost instant stamina regen, 5 stamina shields, and my block pretty much never broke except for when i was shoving and slashing. I took hardly any damage and soaked plenty of hits for team while buffing their damage. i don’t think she’s so much “bad” as she needs the team to play around her a certain way to really be effective. I do think her dash may need a little something extra, and that the uninterruptable revive should be replaced with something else, but otherwise she’s not so bad if you’re playing her to be a wall for your team sort of like old shield bardin in V1.

kerillian was my first character to go in v1 and so it is in v2. im just in love with double daggers in games (havent even tried the spear. even when it was really really strong in the other beta phases). my reaction times are incredible when its about aiming specials away. yes, i might be a little over confident sometimes. but i think, with all the new players we do got for v2, its a really good thing to have a kerillian on your team that can survive on her own for a long long time. and with “survive on her own” i do not talk about that i leave my team behind and mind my own way through the map. im talking about finding that assasine that is about to jump on your sienna. im talking about that leech that wants to hug your bardin and pushes away your chances of having a beefy frontline that olds the wave away from your backline. im talking about that pack of stormverms that are about to crush into your team while its fighting of a huge wave. yes my playstyle is aggressive. yes i want people to go for a 2 grim run. but i welcome every new player with open arms. i want them to become as good as the old v1 veterans that we are. i want to show them how brutal this game can be but on the other hand how satisfying it is to win such runs. i want to be the wolve amongst sheeps. but as much as a wolve i am, i take care of my pack. i hold their hands when they are wounded and lead them to the health pot, even when im wounded and close to death. i give them my last arrow if needed. there is only one number really importend for me. not the dps. not the amount of rats and chaos i killed. its the number 3. my teammates. i want to bring my sheep to the save place. yes, i am that one kerillian everyone hates. but i take that hate. as long as my sheep are save from danger and get their deserved loot. not your daily hero you need. but the one that you deserve :smile:

As non kerillian player in V1…I tried krillian from boredom and accumulation of abusive loots.
From that moment i understood indeed that with a “Glaive” (for exemple…) and 10 per cent swift slayin amongst orther advantageous stats on advantageous traits combos, and a flight bow / or a hagbane (doesn tmatter at some point) and no movement penalties and infinite long dodge and…and…it s really really hard to wait for the other.

then i thought it s not bad if most elf player may understand that gap and take the lucky stone instead of the poison trinket, or drop the speed trinket for something…wathever share…rather orienting the advantage they have in team work than tryin to go faster and kill more slaves rats. a waywatcher that would open the trail for the other indeed…

So yes there is some good elf player, who do a great job, and are valuable team mate, and let s not make amalgame.
And yes some have no excuses beside being innocent and not knowing what s goin on within a normal heroes team.

note that some Sienna player in V1 tends to show the same pathologies.
But well thats how the game is build, and how the people are.

My main for both games is the elf. Solo, yes, I do the run ahead. The bots will teleport to me, so I try to rush through. I would do that regardless of whichever character I am playing, in solo. But in a team, I stick with the team. You’re not a team player if you don’t. I usually play healer in other games, so I tend to stick close to be able to use my bow to snipe and to use a bandage or give a potion to whoever needs it.

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i have around 20 hours in the pre order beta, today was the first time i had a good elf, was playing champion and the elf actually followed closely and did some pretty good teamplay with me blocking the horde and her killing everything from behind.

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When you do everything you can to keep your team alive but still end up losing because everyone decides to split up. I think you all know where I’m going with this…

Next time someone runs off and gets downed, I’m not saving them. If they can’t learn to stay with their team, they need to face the consequences of their actions.

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you should see the bardin i played with earlier… i picked him up a minimum of 6 times, it might have been more… he kept sprinting a mile ahead of us and then getting jumped or downed. I spent the whole match trying to keep him up and alive… shame i wasn’t recording it for video proof that this kind of player isn’t limited to elf…

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I had the same experience with WH player. Runing away from the team on NM, aggroing mobs that could have been avoided, getting grabbed by a packmaster and screwing over his team as we tried to save him.

It’s really more about the player than anyting else.

EDIT: did I mention a random guy calling me idiot/useless because I refused to play Waystalker? Yeah this exists apparently.


which is silly because if i throw caution to the wind so to speak i can put out around the same damage as Handmaiden and shade as well… and handmaiden if being played defensively can hold back most of a horde without block breaking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hero able to block that much at once before without having guard broken.

If you drew a Venn diagram of people who main Kerillian, people who pick exclusively sniper in Battlefield, and people who play an undead rogue in WoW it would be a circle.


Could this wall of text be more umpleasant to read and edgy?
Emtire class is despiswd because elf players think, speak and do as you write. And nobody appreciates forced elf player smugness.

Was it “just” bardin, or Slayer Bardin? Usually those levels of behavior apply to that special breed.
“Gib str pot!”
“Griiiimniiiiirrrs wraaaaath!”
“Pick me pls”

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