This just happened to me!

Iwas playing Kerillian and this just happened…a Bardin joined the game and withou reason he decided to manifest all his anger against the ws? and immediatly left the game

is it possible?

anyone as a similar experience?

He was talking about the witch hunter and he was just a toxic person in general. The slayer would make me nervous more than anything but I’d still give everyone a chance haha.


At least he was big enough to see himself out rather than those toxic people that stick around and complain the entire game and people dont know how to vote yes on the votekick because you have to go through the escape menu and all that. -cough- but yes, seen it a few times. Luckily only 1 in 100 games these days, also playing EU!

And yea that was meant at the Witch Hunter captain not Kerillian. A lot of people are whining about him being less viable than Zealot and Bounty Hunter I guess but let people play what they want.

Had a really bad slayer yesterday but he’s not gonna get better if he doesn’t get to play, right? So I just gave him some tips instead and told him to just relax and play his own game and not worry about performing. I think that’s a better way to deal with these situations, be positive and vocal and pay it forward.

Wish you a lot of lovely groups in compensation, and don’t let this stuff get to you no! c:


Typical Elf, thinks the whole world revolves around her :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, I think my least 2 favorite pugs to see in legend are slayer and handmaiden. Witch hunter’s skill can really put them all over the place, I think his skill cap makes him more effective than people would realize. Just because everyone want BH spamming volley at everything doesn’t mean that a WHC can’t be effective. I think it’s definitely a class built on landing headshots; ranged or melee. If I’d run him I’d leave a macro running constantly pressing T for the tagging.

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Today off-meta toxicity reached maximum for me.
WHC is my main, I doing legendary runs with him without issues. (even 2 grim ones)

Today I joined some group at mid of run, and elf started instantly to harass me, with words in chat like “noob” “no damage” “leave”, to worsen my position he started to FF me, like passing his ulties throught me. He killed me, and persuaded other group members to kick me.

I somehow rejoined same group, and this time I was righteously rude, I tell guy where he belong, he continue to offend me with words on chat, and continued to FF me, but group diddnt kick me this time, we finished run in painfull way. Just pure example of guy who dont wish his group be formed by evrything except meta heroes. In his small brain he read somewhere that WHC is not good, or once he had bad time with one, and he immediatly become judge and execitioner of any non meta class who joins his group.
Guy forgot just one holy fact
Meta = making noobs feels pro since invented.

After this gruesome run, I left asap, and joined some other random group, which was not even formed of full meta heroes, and we got smooth 2 grims leg run.

I think those meta enforcers enjoy one nice and big l2p issue in their tiny brains.


I’d have either kicked the elf or left myself. I have a zero tolerance policy for toxicity.

Sorry you had to deal with that, good of you not to let it stop you from enjoying the game however.

Still, I have to say though, I find the way you stated that to be really interesting and in some cases quite true - people will often flock to what is meta since it’s been ‘‘measured to be good’’ and will instantly feel as though that makes them better.

When actually being good means working with the tools you’re given and taking them a step higher, much like the previously more niche classes like Slayer had to do; since they’re so reliant on only excelling at melee and having to deal with specials the hard way. Which makes people that think all the class stands for is ‘‘hitting things extra hard and quick’’ fall over constantly and drink healthpotion after healthpotion before blaming it on the class itself.

A similar thing could be said for WHC, which despite being in need of some tuning and bugfixing in the positive sense, shouldn’t be called ‘‘unviable’’ by any means.

The only times I’ve ever felt like my groups did poor in terms of composition was when everyone was running full damage to the point where we had no way to deal with large clumps of mobs instantaneously with say, a good tank or cleave build/class.

And that only strengthens the fact that common sense should come before favoritism; I tend to play whatever class I want but adjust my loadout slightly based on what other people carry. Complimenting each other’s build/class/specialization comes before ‘‘meta’’ spam builds when you get to the bottom-line of things, green circles is nice and all but that ‘‘honor’’ tends to come with ‘‘most damage taken’’ for a lot of the rude people as well. xD


GJ WHC is good in the right hands. It’s just one of those classes where other classes are more op, so people thing WHC is somehow bad.

I have never been kicked as a WHC…

Have had some smart az’s who thought they were hot crap suddenly and mysteriously leave at the end of a match when they compared our kill numbers though…

I’m sure it was quite the shock to their system.

The when the propaganda didn’t match reality… heh.

WHC may have been bad prior to patch 1.05… but its not anymore…

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EXACTLY… each class in game need time to master, some classes take less, some more. Some weapons are more skillcap than others. But evry class in game coud be mastered to do legend, not only metas as many think.

Honestly didnt notice much diference before and after, in booth times legend is doable.

People are issue not classes, in their heads they think something sux and they discriminate and avoid, they measure people skill on scoreboard while they didnt see victory screen for themself for weeks. Thats sad part.

Yea, you get some rotten apples sometimes. In my experience they’re mostly the exception. Its also funny how the toxic ones are usually the worse performing ones.

Also, I run into people who don’t know WH’s passive works for each player’s tagged enemy. People should know that before getting into Legendary.

I woud order anyone pizza on forum if I see Fatshark add class paragon level on potait frame and number of legend completed. Then I can dance polka with those toxic guys.
Look at the picture below, thats how portait frame shoud looks like in future.

I agree players should have some way to gauge others’ experience with a career or hero, maybe just show the total accumulated level [30 (+60)]. I have my doubts about the number of successful legendary runs since I can see it fuelling more negativity.

People who pub a lot might have the same skill level and a positive attitude as others who play mainly in a dedicated group, and there will be a difference in that number for sure. Another example would be someone who has played a lot of champion and just starting out Legend. So I kinda doubt they would implement it in exactly that way.

Instead of “number of successful legendary runs” how about the total level between all heroes. That way if someone decides to switch to another hero but has 100+ hours on the game, people will know.


Vt1 had this sorta. Your level wasn’t tied to a hero.

Well showing sucessful leg runs was crude idea,.

But paragon level is realistic one, dont see reason why not.

If paragon get character wide, then it beats purpose, not show to others how much time you invested in certain champion. Maybe add two numbers, one will show how big expert u are, another how much u invested in certain hero.

Yea, showing both is probably the best option here. I don’t think @Eldyrus was suggesting the character wide number as a replacement for the hero specific one.

Hopefully they’re already started working on something similar.

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