Racist humans much?

Hi Sharks!

Just wanted to point out that the strongest classes in the game are all human classes. At the top, you have Battle Wizard, WHC, Bounty Hunter, Grail Knight, Merc, before the first non-human class (Shade) makes its appearance. As a non racist player here, please urgently rectify. Thanks.

Where did you get that ranking from ?


If I must be honest, from my behind, like so many of my other opinions.
But perhaps you could leave behind your own personal ranking?

I don’t see the point of this discussion.
Is your goal here to pull a list out of your ass and yell “RACIST” while pointing your finger angrily ?


Nah, the racist thing is tongue-in-cheek clickbait and I sure hope no one took it seriously. It was meant to be a complaint on how the strongest classes have remained crazy strong, and the weakest classes (Unchained) have remained weak.

Unchained is stronger than BH at very least. Her damage output combined with tankiness is pretty top tier IMO.

Merc has copped some pretty serious nerfs and I don’t know if I’d call him overtuned anymore but he’s certainly still pretty top tier.

Honestly of all of these BW is probably the only one who very clearly still needs to be toned down.

All three of the elf classes are excellent and Slayer is arguably GK but better. RV with shotgun has some of the highest DPS in the whole game, and IB is the only class in the game that can escape disablers without help.

Can’t say I see an issue with humans generally being too strong… like at all.


I don’t think WS is excellent, imo she’s just a basic ranged character. She even has a lower skill ceiling than Huntsman. WS/Pyro < Huntsman < RV < BH is how I would rank these classes according to what they bring to the table. BH is like Engi (I don’t have Engi so I can’t comment too much) but they offer safe ranged elite deletion, and fantastic boss damage.

HM isn’t my cup of tea, because I would rather bring an RV/BW who can clutch in a pinch and offers much more to the team outside of clutching.

Funny, I always thought GK was slayer but better. Your contention that Unchained is stronger than BH is very interesting. Why?

WS with Kurnous’ and hagbane is one of the most mindlessly spammy and powerful things I can think of but apart from that build yeah she’s not overtuned but also definitely not bad.

BH gets massively overrated because of his very high single target burst damage and especially boss slaying ability. Thing is that’s basically all he gets. He’s entirely reliant on a ranged weapon trait for his ammo generation, he has absolutely no ability to kite or survive on his own, and he has the worst AoE options out of all ranged classes by a huge margin. He’s also one of the few ranged careers that actually has to melee to optimise his DPS despite not having a whole heap to reliably help him in melee range. Guess which scales better into higher difficulties where density increases significantly. Overkilling single targets or infinite/very high cleave options like shotgun, hagbane, and half of Sienna’s staves?

UC has some of highest natural DR in the game, very high DPS, is effectively a melee class with infinite ammo on all of their ranged options, can clutch pretty well and is not really team reliant to perform, and nowadays also has a semi invincible build with abandon + bomb balm. No competition UC is strong as hell, she just has a high skill floor which is fine.


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Is slayer with coghammer really going under the radar this much? Would personally probably rate it S+ tier on the raw killing power right now.


I was pretty with you till I saw the HS placement. Really? HS is crazy good with literally every ranged weapon he has. What other ranged career can say that?

I mean Slayer was already S tier with great hammer + great axe but yeah coghammer seems to have elevated his elite killing power to even greater heights. Absolute unit of a class.


Best ranged class and best everything class. Master of all Trades.

Meh, personal opinion. Real clunky and awkward and haven’t ran into a good Huntsman player in many moons (or did, but everything fell to pieces and they never had a chance to shine). I don’t care for his career passives/skills either.

I think the stars are aligned to make sure a hobo never shows up when an Unchained and Handmaiden are present to make up for the lack of Merc/GK.

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I felt this way for a while too, then I tried handgun and rep handgun builds post BBB and realised it was actually just Longbow I found clunky. Super strong special/elite deleter with both those weapons and spear with temp health on stagger will keep you pretty safe from whatever horde mobs are left after you’ve sniped everything dangerous in sight.

Bluntsman is pretty insane even if it doesn’t gel with your headshot passives/talents very well. His extended range, shot crafter and Ult are really all that build needs to be strong, it really only lacks in boss damage (CWs drop pretty quick with Ult) but there are more than enough high boss DPS classes to cover you on that in the vast majority of lobbies.

Cant believe that we reached the point of having a pc post for warhammer :rofl:

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That can’t include bluntsman, surely? :smile:

Also my list, in tiered DPS order I guess:

Lower tiers reserved for 1H Axes, etc. If it included CC, support, etc, it would look different.

BW/Zealot… (It’s like playing the game on Recruit)
Shade/WHC/Merc (he floats between S and A for me)/RV with new pistol/Bluntsman
Hag/Pyro/RV(Shotgun)/Unchained (unless too much AoE)/BH (if you know your Boss headshots he can be higher)/Flamethrower Engi or IB
IB/FK/HM(she can do a lot of damage, but doesn’t have any ammo sustain, high burst, or CC)/WS/

Honourable mentions:

  • FK Shotgun on Cata is A
  • Flamethrower on Sienna is crazy good on all Careers

Lower tiers reserved for 1H Axes, etc.

When I feel the need to Bluntsman, I go back to RV :sunglasses:

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Huntsman bottom tier… but why? :cry:


BH is most certainly not a top tier career.

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Are you really trying to click-bait ppl with racism in a Warhammer game? RLY? It’s the essence of Warhammer, literally everyone hates eachother. And no one likes elgis anyway so why does it even matter?

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