Any balanced classes? (new to the game)

What i mean by balanced is good at range and melee, I would like to get up to legend difficulty eventually but i can’t decide which class to run. I was thinking Shade,HM, and WS… any suggestions would be great!


Not sure if Feedback is the right place to post this. You’re better off in Lounge, or on the subreddit.

Merc, RV and WHC are all good at both. Each in different ways, WHC having the most options available.

Merc is a great frontliner who has handgun and repeater, letting him fill the sniper role if needed. RV is actually not much of a ranged class, he’s a sideline striker with the added bonus of having (your elf steal all the) ammo packs, which you’d only need if you run grudge - otherwise you have a huge supply of bombs. WHC is a beast with finesse weapons (innate bonus to crit and headshot damage + talents) and can support even volleybow with the level 5 talent, though I’d not recommend volley to non-BH.

The elf is always good at everything so play elf if you have no decency.

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Shade and WS seem strongest right now, but as a new player you should get hero power maxed.
Practicing dodging and blocking is the most important part after you’ve gotten max hero power. After you learn dodge timings you can attack more without blocking and do more dps.

But if you keep dying you should play IronBreaker probably THE BEST character for learning the game. Gromril’s armor allows you to make mistakes.

IronBreaker. 2h Hammer. Shotgun. Talents 2/3/3/1/3
BH. Repeater + free crits kill CW’s. Falchion for melee. T 2/3/3/2/1
BW. Conf staff + 40% faster cast time. 2 explosions really fast. Sword or dagger. T 3/3/2/2/3
WS. Swift or Hagbane. Spear or DualSwords. T 2/2/2/1/1

In the end these are just some of my favorite builds.
All weapons and builds are viable if you just dodge/block all damage and never die.

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Try smth fat a first. IB or FK, which can take a lot of hits. Then, when tou good at not taking hits switch to any other career

Zealot also

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No class is great at both,

While learning the game your going to be career limited. so you’re going to have to play each class though separately.

The dwarf (first one) is the most survivable class for the first timer.
The handmaiden is the tanky elf, first unlocked career.
For Saltz. WHC is a delicate class, but the fact that anyone tagging any enemy causes that enemy to take more damge for 5 seconds is really nice for the team, The BH, second career, is a popular ranged option and the zealot is a very tough melee career
The Wizard is delicate until the unchained, last unlocked class, is tough as nails
Kruber is a mixed bag, I like them all but while they seem similar they have some very different play styles.

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