My thoughts on the all the available classes and the one i think is the worst

So Vermintide 2 is a great game let me start with that and every single hero is fun to play no doubt about that, Some are more fun than others whilst some might be better than others but I want to talk about the balancing of the classes of each character because for the most part, I think every single class is usable, for instance, I hear people say Witch hunter captain is bad but i began to play him and he is actually really good, but you do need to build around the class to make it work and have some skill with headshots but other than that the class is great and is still usable when compared to zealot and also bounty hunter who i would class as being high tier.

Then you have all of kerillians classes which are great and are all very different from each other, Yes you could say that one of the classes is not as good as the other two but that doesn’t mean that class is bad, Im talking about handmaiden here, Ive seen great handmaiden players.

Markus once again has possibly the best classes in the game in my opinion for how powerful they are, He has huntsman which is a great dps character, He has foot knight, who is great at crowd control and staying alive and mercenary which is a mix of both but can also act as a medic.

Bardin, Once again is insane in almost every class, I at first thought that ranger veteran was bad but after playing him, I was completely wrong about that, Ironbreaker is just good, and slayer is fun.

But now, Here comes sienna, who for the most part is an insane character like her gear is great, All the staffs are usable, all the melee is usable but the classes, one sort of just sucks in my opinion, I just dont see the point in it, Im obviously talking about battle wizard here, That class just seems awful compared to the other two and when i say that in no way is the class bad because your playing as sienna but compared to the other classes in the game it is useless, Now i know this is just my opinion but if you can give me one reason i should play battle wizard over pyromancer and unchained, i would love to know because right now, battle wizard is lacking, everything you can do with her, you can do better with the other two. Her F ability is just, It’s seems useless and yes it might stagger bosses but why would you need that when you can have a foot knight kruber, Also it also staggers chaos but you can do that just by using your staffs.

So overall, Im making this thread because i want something to change about that class because the idea is their but it just under performs compared to the other two. Also for people who do play battle wizard in no way am i saying you shouldn’t but the class compared to the others is sort of useless in my opinion and if you disagree, i would like to know why :slight_smile:

The only outstanding ability of the battle wizard is that you can reach 100% block cost reduction (WHC get’s it for free from the front).

I think BW is the best sienna career, giving insane pace using fireball.

Pyro is immobile and her passive does little to help with AoE damage, her lvl 10 talent and active are really the only redeeming factors.


I guess but when you can get your f ability back with pyro in less than 10 seconds, then you can wipe out hordes and tank high health enemies in seconds which for me is a lot more important than AoE damage. With the fireball staff or the conflag staff battle wizard might be better.

Also pyro’s passive is insane when used with something like the bolt staff because you can basically do regular attacks forever.

But if you think that BW is better than pyro then I guess it’s good that it fits some peoples playstyle


The problem with ‘doing basic attacks forever’ is that they don’t really do that much damage and there’s no shortage of temp health to vent. Pyro ult interrupting casting and attacking means you’ll pretty much lose horde dps with most staves compared to the BW version.

Pyro active is a huge ST nuke, no doubt about that.


Battle wizard is amazing with staves that can capitalize on the increased charge speed (conflag, fireball, flamewave). I play a lot with conflag, damage is amazing and it can stagger anything smaller than a boss - even chaos warrior out of overhead attacks, so I can stunlock entire patrols.

The stagger feature on teleport is handy for bosses for sure, especially saving a cornered or grabbed teammate. But I use it more in regular combat. One use is getting myself out of being cornered, and the distance combined with increased spell charge speed means I can start laying down full charges of conflag on whatever had me cornered. Having burnout and using it to vent overcharge is also pretty handy.

Battle wizard gets some nice melee perks too, world aflame for +power per nearby enemy is good stuff. Or you can go the block cost reduction route and tank pretty well.

Basically the class is all about high mobility and versatility. I enjoy all of sienna classes but I think battle wizard is the most fun overall.



The HM is the best class out of the 3. WS is very good as well. I honestly don’t know why the shade is so popular. WS with Hagbane or HM with hagbane is just as effective boss killer and can do it safer. HM has the highest survivability and puts out way more horde damage with cleaving weapons. Due to her stamina recharge speed, she can effectively stun lock an entire horde even with a glaive that only has 2 stamina. Not to mention she 1 shots SV and 2/3 shots CW with the glaive and daggers without any “power VS” stacked on her. Which allows you to stack power VS Chaos & Monster. Making her an even more lethal boss killer.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well you’ve mastered the class. I personally can’t play with the BH and die all the time. I can play just fine with the Zealot. Unchained is my favorite Sienna class, Slayer for Bardin and Merc for Kruber. Just gotta keep practicing.

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Like i said, Ive seen great handmaiden players, Shade is very good for the shear damage and how much ult she can get from single pots, not only that she can also one every enemy in the game apart from tanks when in her Ability and can do a lot of damage when not in it, if you are using the two daggers and doing backstabs that is, and from my experience, Handmaiden felt weak compared to shade and waystalker, but i do understand that handmaiden can be very effective, Just from my experience and also my experience from playing with each kerillian class, the handmaiden players for the most part don’t seem to be doing as much as the other two would be doing. Not to say though that they can’t be as good because they for sure can.

And as you said after, all the classes are good and some people play better with others but from my personal experience, I have been able to do just as much work with every single class in the game apart from battle wizard which is why i said that she is the worse out of them all because although people have give reasons why they play that class, I still feel like i can do a better job with the other 2 just because of the way they are built.

Also, with saltzpyre, I feel like i can play all of his classes at a high level, with Kruber, I can play foot knight and mercenary and feel like im doing my job, Kerillian, I play both shade and waystalker but i have more fun with waystalker, Bardin i play mostly RV but IB i can play pretty well too, i sort of dont play slayer and for sienna, pyro is my most played.

try fire ball staff.
BW with fire ball staff, horde clear and boss is easy thing also all specials are beaten with 2~3shot
use ult when special disable your team or approaching you or for venting.

i did 100 bw and uc runs on legend and doing 100 pyro runs now,
i now think without beam staff, pyro is not that good
but yeah, beam staff with crit cool down trait makes pyro goddam good op career

Yeah beam staff is just insane on pyro sienna, but the bolt staff is also very viable on her due to the amount of crits, you can get with that thing and also have something like crits reduce overcharge, trust me you can basically fire forever with it and if you use your charged attack with the bolt staff, and hit multiple enemies, it will remove almost all the overcharge, but it’s definitely not as op as the beam staff

i used bolt staff too
it is good for horde clearing when you just no charged right shot spam and also god for sv and cw
1 head shot on sv and 3 head shot on cw
what i found weakness of bolt staff is
just everyone kills sv with bodyshot while i have to charge 2s and need to aim headshot for sv
same to special, other ranged or melee class with handgun just kill them when they show up
and not good boss dealing compared to fireball and beam except war camp and into the nest boss

Like Smoker said HM is strong af. I would rate her next to WS and shade a lil bit lower.

Every class depends on the player but HM and BW a lot more. Movement cripples shouldn’t play them. A friend of mine loves to play HM, but he isnt that good on her, so he mostly switch quite fast to ez WS.
Just permaspam your ultimate and permadodge with daggers and you can cheese everything. I solo’d warcamp with her through a speedrun until the gate. Then i killed everything just with that high mobility, moved to the boss and gg.
The most ppl just try to melee/range at some point and dont even use her ultimate that often.
Same works for battlewizard. Spam fireballs, use your ultimate for the heatreset and sick mobility and you can outrun every patrol/horde solo.
WHC is really strong with rapier.

The most complains about “useless” careers are just a lack of skill / knowledge / finding a good playstyle.

All of them are strong and viable. There are just some “easy to use” careers like WS (overall strong^^) , Pyro (beam-headshot Inc.), IB (no-dmg-passiv) , Zealot (undieing-passiv) , BH (100%crit+endless ammunition-passiv) which forgive too much/ to easy to play and let the other careers looking bad for the most ppl.

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I guess there is a pattern.

meele class player…as it seems :wink:

Shade got the fast cw take out and survive with invis (well hm 2 since lvl25talent) but I think there have been 2-3 good shade players by now in my ~500h playtime…most just think 1 nuke and they’ve done their job, but thats all bout the players not the career.

Imho a shade with cleave and rescourcefull combatant can do lots of carnage, getting SV’s or CW in hordes often suck and then they got the best deal with em

Topic: BW can be awesome. As said by others mobility and that fast charge can make her as usefull as the other 2

someone talks crap about shade


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But the shade is crap. It’s a completely useless class if you have your WS or HM spec’d out properly. At least that’s my opinion. It does have the dodge talent which I like, but so does the HM. The shades ULT is great to get up team mates in bad spots. But I’ve never had it up when I needed it or I had just used it on a CW before the teammate went down. The HM can just dash in there and pick them up. The WS on the other hand is the best damage dealer in the game with the hagbane equipped and spec’d for more ammo. You hardly ever have to take out your melee weapon. You can wipe an entire horde wave with around 4 arrows if you catch them streaming towards you before they spread out. I’ve honestly never had another class out damage or out kill me on the WS with hagbane. And the only way you’re gonna kill bosses faster is with a purple potion on the shade. Still, I think a HM with a strength potion kills bosses just as fast, or faster than a shade. It’s a bloody beast

Dual daggers shade with a conc potion kills a boss in 13 seconds, the only career getting anywhere close to that is a handgun huntsman.

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i’ve made a tonne of other posts regarding the shade on this topic, so i’ll gladly point out her awesome points which i feel cannot be attained by any other class, or at least are difficult to match

  1. the volley crossbow which is only matched by the repeater crossbow for taking out multiple specials/elites faster than any other class:
    eg. assassin jumps in, leech ports in, packmaster turns a corner, ratling jumps down from a ledge, 4 bursts from the xbow and they’re all ded, while your other mates are still recovering from the assassin.

  2. ammo regen dependant on skill. the better you are at landing backstabs, the more ammo you get, the faster you can kill. with the sword and dagger i can generate ult real fast on hordes, use ult, wade in, heavy strike for like 2-4 ammo, dodge to frontline and do it again till max ammo. it’s dangerous of course, but done right highly satisfying. ammo regen on all types of mobs is fun to plan and execute as well, especially on marauders and bulwarks.

  3. dual kills for berserkers and elites in close proximity, sometimes even specials. no other class can do this with this much style and pizazzzz. granted, chaos warriors need to be wounded first, but otherwise, you can remove pesky stormvermin that wade in with hordes.

  4. multiple chaos warrior elimination with purple pot. a shade will eat chaos patrols for breakfast with purple pot. slower classes that can burst down that many chaos warriors is a huntsman, or a potted slayer mayhaps

  5. boss dps. daggers and hagsbane build, nuff said. bosses are the main wipes of legend, if you bring a shade to speed things up, it’s good insurance.

the thing is, waystalker’s a fine sniper, but honestly she struggles against chaos warriors. you’re going to have to str pot or wade into melee to kill them quick. WS also has trouble when she’s cornered with elites or bosses, she has no outs. HM is great for skating around and being a bit ch on the battlefield, but she can’t kill elites or CW quickly. if you save all HM ammo for the boss, it means you have to rely on your teammates to be good special killers (most of the time they’re not), and if you’re running a str pot means that some other guy, maybe a dps is running the grimoire. not too optimal.

i love all the elf’s classes. hehe


A HM with a hagbane and Strength potion is very close to that. Maybe 15 seconds.

Run a CDR + crit build and that ult comes back up crazy fast. Also gotta learn when to use it, when to hold it…

Shade can use hagbane too… with plenty of ammo regen with scrounger and/or bloodfletcher.

For real tho, shade can also use the hagbane. Switching between hagbane and melee to keep the DoT up (and barrage trait) melts bosses without needing a potion.

I’m not saying WS or HM are bad, but your opinion that shade is crap makes no sense to me.

It’s just my opinion, I personally don’t like her.

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