Shade still useless

So I like the changes they did for shade in todays patch, too bad that the biggest problem with shade still remains. When you stealth to attack something, EVERYTHING attacks you when exiting stealth, even if other players are nearby.

It’s impossible to play shade on legend, you have no function at all in the party.

The class is built around one gimmick, a gimmick that doesn’t work on this game.

Sure you can deal decent damage to bosses, but to what cost? Swapping out a shade for any other class is better for the party.

I’m sorry Fatshark, but Shade is completly uselss, there isn’t any party setup where I would pick a shade over anything else, she’s a garbage class.


Same as this post of your.
If you want flame no one will stop you.
But maybe make it in creative way?

Mark topic as suggestion - write what is wrong, and what should be changed why and how.


IB : Tank
Pyro : Special killer
Anything that can cleave : Horde killer
Shade : Boss killer.

I had a sweet Champion run with people that were leveling their other heroes, so a Merc, a Ranger with a shield, and a Pyro, me as a Shade.
Bosses were just melt by the Strength pot > Stealth > Xbow spam > Glaive heavy combo.
And we had 3 bosses (on Screaming Bell).

So yeah, Shade isn’t the cool horde-backstabby elf we could have wanted. But she’s a boss killer, and she just rules at this.
The Pyro was level 20+ (assuming she had 300 item power she had as much HP as me) and I did 3x more boss damage than her (I don’t wanna see some She was bad, if I state this here, it’s because it matter, so no, she wasn’t bad)

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There’s not reason to have a class just for boss killing.


My shade friend seems to like his job and is pretty damn good at boss killing, the CD reduction is all he wanted too. Maybe don’t unstealth in the middle of pack?

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Give me one reason to have a shade over any other class when we have Zero problems with killing bosses. Being useless 99% of a game is still useless.


lol, actually boss killer is a certified role as a significant number of wipes are boss dependent. Love it how someone gives constructive feedback the disagrees with OP and OP gets all upset about it.

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Because it’s fun and a videogame


Yeah it’s fun not doing anything for 99% of the game and doing some increased damage on a single mob insted of actually helping the party.


Nothing constructive was added.


Just a funny observation - you are basically acting like the gutter rat against the skaven. So they insta attack you just like the party would insta attack a gutter rat when it pins an ally.


Doesn’t matter what you do, backstab a boss and the second the stealth ends the boss will slam you and kill you instantly.

So many situations where I can imagine needing to down a boss ASAP or wipe, shade is probably the best at it with her CD, as well as using it to get ahead and remove roaming elites now that its reduced too. I suggest to keep trying if you want to play shade but it sounds like you really don’t want to fit into any role besides “lol i can solo,” GL with that

Not a chance of wasting my time with the class when waystalker is more powerful in every single way, shade is a gimmick class that won’t work without a rework. And NO I don’t know what to do with the class but as it is now, it’s crap compared to your options.

If you feel like you are literally not doing anything for 99% of the game, then you are probably doing something massively wrong. Being a dedicated boss killer does not mean this is all you do.

I main Sienna Pyro Beam (I know, make fun of me, I’m lame), and while I shine at basically everything since the class is so broken right now, the few times where I can’t use the beam staff because of reasons (too risky would ff, or overcharge too high and can’t vent it - I know, but it can happen), I can still pull out my sword and have a meaningful impact clearing a horde or taking aggro from that pesky CW and give my teammate some room.

Some classes may need some much needed buffs and Shade may very well be one of them but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that any class in the game is so broken that they are basically useless 99% of the game.

Beam sienna is not broken anymore, still strong but not nearly as strong. But to have one single dedicated job in this game is useless. You are less effective against hordes than handmaiden or waystalker, you have no ranged power, you are not more powerful against armored units since they will all attack you when stealth is broken. The problem at this moment is that there isn’t any point of having a shade in your party. She’s weaker against anything other than maybe bosses (which is far from certain since most bosses run away from you so you very rarely get the chance to backstab).
And when it comes to quickplay it’s just like playing slayer, sure there can be a use for your class but why go for anything other than iron breaker.

You are entitled to your opinion, although I’m hard pressed to think that there is no team composition where a boss killer suits perfectly. I think what you are trying to say is that Shade is less useful than Waystalker in pub-games, and I agree with that sentiment. Although your numbers, 99%, does not seem scientificly motivated.

This seems like a very good reason! (my original choice of words was censored)

I think you missed a “massively wrong” at the end of you sentence :slight_smile:

I’d say sub Legend she is still a bit subpar since to get the high backstab you need DnD or glaive and “throw” the first hit, but holy stool bosses go down quick if you have a low CD build. (I cant say the slang for feces?)

Hms, against hordes, yes, against bosses? CWs?

And no ranged power? The crossbow is only the most powerful ranged weapon in the game counted in damage per second? Use the recover ammo talent + the 20% dodge talent with a light weapon (i.e. DnD or SnD) and you can dodge behind everything.

If this wasn’t obvious before, your dodge on DnD is approx 30% greater than on glaive.


You can solo a boss with a conc pot as shade… Also for clutching shade can go invis 1/3rd of the time, so as long as you got a conc pot handy, you can basically get out of any situation and res the rest of the team.

having to rely on an item that only has a chance to spawn in a map for a class to be useful is kind of silly. lol

though maybe the idea of shade’s ult is to work in conjunction with iron breaker’s ult but that’s still stupid

That could work, as long as iron breakers ulti was consistent, but it isn’t. Many time (even after todays patch) chaos spawns stays on the dwarf for between 1-5 seconds. And the problem still stands, why pick a class that has one job, that can only do a single thing decently when Kerillians two other jobs are multi-purpose (even if handmaiden could be considered weak compared to footknight or iron breaker)

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