Shade needs to be brought down

The ability to consistently delete the biggest threats on legend within seconds or less has to be one of the most broken abilities in the game.

For those that don’t know, shades ultimate is on a very short cooldown and it can be made even shorter with resourceful combatant. This means she can just delete almost every chaos warrior the group encounters or completely remove the threat of patrols or bosses with concentration potion. It also gives her invisibility which brings immense clutch potential to the group. She does everything so well that the rest of the group needs to bring their most broken builds just to be able to keep up.

The damage of the ult needs to be brought down. She shouldn’t be able to one shot chaos warriors unless it’s a backstab and/or headshot and she shouldn’t be allowed to remove 90% of a bosses HP within seconds by using one potion (every currently broken class should lose this ability). Killing a boss should always be a group effort.

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Dude, a thread was literally just closed on this topic. Don’t start it all over again. @Fatshark_Hedge

Are you trying to start something?


I too feel the ability to eliminate a boss so fast is a tad too strong, for when a Shade has a concentration potion a boss is a non threat. I’m not quite sure how one would do something about this, for I’d very much like to see shade be able to kill elites as she does now, just not bosses.

I’m not of the opinion that shade shouldn’t do damage to bosses, but right now it is pretty crazy.

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Oh this again. Please give it a rest. There are far bigger problems to deal with than your perceived balance issues.


Past patch: “Fixes & Tweaks
We’ve added missing damage boost multiplier caps to Rasknitt and Deathrattler. Some attacks - specifically from Huntsman Kruber and Shade Kerillian, absolutely destroyed these two. That was never intended, and made the ending of Skittergate anti-climactic.”

I’m sure something similar could be done for any other bosses if needed. I’m not saying it is… because I have not seen an issue with it.

Edit note: I still think this thread needs to be locked asap.


This again?


And patrols are a non-issue when you have a strength pot and a hagbane bow. Or a bomb. And hordes are a non issue if you have a drakefire cannon. All are whens and ifs, and it is almost as if certain carreers are meant to do certain jobs. Besides, shade cannot always just run up to the boss and kill it, people have to have her back, clearing enemies, hordes, elites and specials. Killing bosses is a group effort, like anything else is. You are specifically encouraged by the game to build boss damage builds. They should be the one’s dealing with bosses. I cannot understand why so many people want to make all classes virtually alike simply for the virtue that other players should do the damage, not the player designated as boss killer.


Which is exactly why I’d like to see shade damage on bosses toned down, for right now it reminds me of Volley Xbow in v1 with a strength pot. Not as extreme, but definitely close.

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Or a ranger veteran whom everyone still thinks is bad :sweat_smile:

:+1: I’ll wait for the footknight and ironbreaker to whack it to death slowly

@anon26183726 but it is a group effort and @Licious-D points that out right in the sentence before the section you pulled free from their statement - if the area is clear then yes a shade will deal quickly with a boss but besides that it’s still a group effort of clearing the area, keeping it clear, and otherwise for group safety kiting a boss around till it IS save, a shade is not magically exempt by that due to the damage they do.

They also don’t function optimally in damage without someone keeping it in the same spot with dodge-dancing while they go to town. It’s still a group effort. That shade is going to go down just like anyone else if they get caught or if they get stabbed by mobs that aren’t being controlled by them due to poor priority or by teammates that aid them in keeping those off their back so the bossfight can be defused properly.


No need to change it, killing bosses is still a group effort. Shade is a squishy melee character, her shtick is boss killing.


Yup, this. Also, you are right that many folks undererstimate RV. With the right setup, he is virtually untouchable, does a number of hordes with Bardin’s strong melee weapons, brings utility and is seriously one of the best elite and special killers in the game. He can even pull surprisingly decent numbers on boss damage.


Not once have I stated that shade is too capable of anything other than dishing out raw damage against bosses, which is my only problem with shade right now.

When the audio que for a boss is announced, and I play with my regulars, I just shrug. Shade has a conc potion, it will be deleted in 10 seconds tops. There is rarely any time for kiting and keeping a boss busy, if there is definitely not for long.

I just don’t like bosses being deleted in seconds, because it isn’t really a boss anymore is it?

Not much of an effort when a boss dies before 10 seconds have passed, excluding the troll.


to add, while people dislike the cast time on his active ability, it stuns mobs in the vincinity - I’m pretty sure it even throws hookrats/assassins around even if they already caught something which can be utterly invaluable in a clutch situation where say you have a few CW’s/SV’s around, since it’ll often go so far as to give the person a breather if they still have HP left.

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:+1: You have a good group then

I’ll be nice enough to add that a lot of pugs will run around like chickens overcomplicating an encounter, dodging into corners getting mauled by bosses taken by hookrats etc. Then everyone dies and nobody has fun. Shade offers some measure of control there.


I play with a shade who drinks a conc pot and repeatedly attacks a boss who shows up. No threat.

I’d love it if shade actually had to rely more on team mates keeping it busy while dishing out damage.

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My point exactly

A lot of groups don’t deal with bosses so cleanly, and it tends to come down to experience/guts/know-how as well - I won’t argue that the class is very strong versus bosses for even slightly above average players and excels on highly skilled players but there’s a certain measure of skill and learning curve involved that doesn’t show as much during the bossfights at all times but tends to show well over the course of a match.

My point being that even the shade hands stuff in, in order to reach those levels of damage.

Edit: If one were to play shade for 2 weeks straight it’d be unarguable that it’s a very strong class when set up properly, but it’d be hard to say that over those two weeks you’ve never had moments where you struggled or were like ‘‘oh sh-t I better watch myself here / wish I had a hand here guys!!’’


Have you tried playing Shade this way? I have not, I’ve played shade some but not with such a specific focus. When I’m shade I tend to setup my skill, etc with horde and basic melee in mind. Might be insightful to try it out and see what the guy you play with is sacrificing for such a focus.


And he’s boring as hell… I think you forgot that. Also anyone with Handgun and Crossbow becomes the best special/elite killer in the game, except for BH, which simply becomes THE BEST.

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The problem in not in Shade, the problem is in Daggers, which deal too much damage. Other weapons are much more balanced, and you can remove 50% of boss health max.


Very likely true, but the damage is still from shade’s active combined with daggers in that case.

Doesn’t seem to me to be a sacrifice at all, hagbane for hordes /daggers for elites and bosses.
I cannot state this enough apparently, my only problem with shade is the insane damage done to bosses, deleting them under 10 seconds with a conc pot. It may very well be that the daggers are the problem, actually.

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