Shade still useless

What would be really nice for her ult is if enemies would continue to ignore her for a few seconds when you start attacking, it would actually make her a really good boss and patrol killer as she should be i think, but as of right now her other careers are just way better. Wayfinder does decent damage to bosses and is way safer and it’s safer to get into the thick of it with handmaiden

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That’s a good suggestion. Melee DPS is outgunned by ranged DPS in most cases due to there being much less risk in shooting arrows / bullets / lasers than getting in the thick of it.

This would make it more interesting to actually get in there.

I like it;]


This was my suggestion, like it if you want for our Shade :slight_smile:

“You’re not more powerful against armored target”

Glaive down strike when going out of stealth can OS, or almost a Legend CW.
You just need to wait the right moment, if the stealth last for 10 second, use it, and put yourself in the perfect spot.

Oh and btw, if you want to play Shade, you’re not doing it right, not Shade or FS fault here.
If you want to play with Shade on your team, well just swap the team comp. You got no problem with bosses right now so you pref a WS. But if you get no probleme with bosses, it’s because your comp is at least a bit oriented against bosses. Wipe this, get a Shade, and orientate the rest against hords/support (to replace WS regen), like for example a support Merc.

In any case, Shade is viable. I mean if Shade player find it viable, why would you argue with that ?

Bounty Hunter has the same boss melting ability almost as shade and isn’t that focused on it and due to his ranged focus, he doesn’t need to be in the frontline as much to kill things. Shade is fun, I do enjoy her, but she is squishy and apart from her backstabbing shtick, she really doesn’t have any offensive power that isn’t highly situational. I liked the Idea of doing something with her that involves poison, like criticals inflicting poison on enemies that damage them and reduce their attack or something along those lines. Would also make the hagbane a natural choice for her.


It’s not viable, waystalker and handmaiden also kills armored units with one hit if they are using glaive.
There is not right way of playing shade when all other classes out plays her. There isn’t a single reason why should ever have a shade in your party in her current form, it’s a wasted spot.


It’s in the game. Called dual daggers.

Yeah I might have been doing it wrong but I never noticed much of an effect with them.

Can anyone elaborate on the dual dagger situation a bit? I’ve always found sword and dagger to be more… Well fun at least.

Yes, you are right! Because a single item that can be used by ANY Keri carreer that deals miniscule amounts of posion damage, my ideas to make something along the lines of specifically giving Shade some kind of poison melee ability to make her more viable besides her theoretically powerful, but ultimately very situational backstabbing shtick that is more a glorified gimmick than a viable character concept is FULLY implemented within this game. I salute your very astonishing knowledge of this games technology and keen perception. Bravo, good sir!

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the shade’s ability is a very good aggro dump - you can kite bosses and hordes and chaos patrols far away until u are cornered, then activate that ability and give your team precious time to recover from whatever they’re struggling with. it also one shots chaos warriors. now it’s on a less than a minute cooldown with the v1.05patch.

try using a purple or str pot on a boss, she wrecks. pretty important to kill bosses quickly because in legend those things can quickly become a wipe if u just include a horde or a few specials into the mix.

i’m pretty sure you are trying to play her to compete on damage numbers and special killing. she has a niche area which is to smooth out dangerous scenarios. i’ll give u a few examples:

  • basic usage: see a chaos warrior, use ability to delete him
  • hookrat dragging a teammate away, u need to save him asap, ability on and run thru the horde that’s blocking
  • team is cornered by a gatling, ability on and clear it out
  • last player standing, you can shadewalk most of the way to get resses
  • boss/chaos patrol is aggroed on you, take it far away till you can’t manage, then ability on

there is no other class that can be as elusive as the shade. it’s a far different playstyle vs straight up dmg classes, so you gotta adapt.

there’s so much fun playing this class in the new patch 1.05, try it out!


Just because you don’t know how to play Shade effectively doesn’t mean it is useless, it just means you need to change your playstyle. If you stealth and then backstab something while you’re in the middle of a horde, you’re going to have a bad time. Shade is a challenging class to play (maybe the most challenging, along with Slayer), and requires that you have high skill, situational awareness, and the right properties + traits on your gear. You also have to not be a selfish glory hog.

I play Shade on legend on a regular basis, and play to take down problematic specials and elites, as well as absolutely wrecking bosses. I can also make clutch saves to pick up downed teammates while stealthed, and when things go wrong and the rest of my team gets wiped I can use my movement speed bonus and run ahead until I get close to where my team is respawned, use stealth to lose the stuff chasing me, and pick them all up.

This also means I never get the most kills, and spend a lot of time guarding back entrances, surveying the battle to dart in where I’ll be most useful, and patiently waiting for the perfect time to use stealth. Playing Shade well means your contributions won’t usually be obvious, or flashy, or earn you green circles on the scoreboard, but they absolutely can and will make the difference between a successful run vs. a full team wipe.




How is the entire hit damage again miniscule? Please elaborate.

If you go through my posting history you will see the irony of your statement :wink:

Dual daggers (DnD) is a bit special in two regards (well, technically more, but the two most important in my perspective)

  • The first heavy attack hits twice due to two daggers, i.e. the infiltrate increase is applied to both of them. Sadly, in my world, the glaive second hit still deals x5 more damage than both daggers, but since there is a damage cap (still don’t know the mechanics of this) at around 15% or so of boss health both DnD and glaive max out.
  • They apply a DoT. 600 HP is enough for light + DoT to kill most mobs in champion. In my experience in Legend it is only enough for rats (but take that with a grain of salt, haven’t played 1.05 enough yet).

I was talking about the poison damage and the fact that your statement had nothing to do with what I suggested. Also, my statement wasn’t ironic, it was blatantly sarcastic. Now you’re shifting topics again to “entire hit damage” when we were talking about something else (or at least I was). Let’s talk about why the US should normalize their relationship with Cuba, please elaborate.

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I would never accept having a player in a group who just stays behind to do stuff “if” something happens. If I want people to just tag along not doing anything I can play with bots. Nothing you have written justifies having a shade in the party, why would I swap out a Waystalker, who can take care of specials, armored units, bosses just as easy as a shade can without running the risk of getting destroyed by enemies? Same goes for slayer, there isn’t any reason to handicap your group with a class that is a detriment to the group instead of picking something that is actually helpful more of the time than once or twice a map.

Not a single wipe we’ve had would a Shade have helped, but the other way around can be stated for most of the wipes when a Shade was present. If that player had played anything else the wipe could have been avoided. Just because you like the class and like to play shade doesn’t change that it’s a completely wasted spot for a group.

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I love Shade, is funny, but still useless.
Aways need to be carried by others 3 guys.

If you are a “proplayer shade”, you still could do better with other class.

Yes, I like the idea of shade but the implementation of her is not suited for this game. You spend too much time dealing with hordes of enemies, pretty much 80% of a level is dealing with large amounts of mobs so having a shade that can deal with (decently) somewhere between 10-30% of what you do during a game is not a good design decision.
The problem that this game has is that you either specialize classes to one specific job, which makes Quickplay a nightmare. Getting a game of Slayer, Shade, Zealot, and Footknight on Halescourge is nearly impossible to complete, atleast if you want to get some of the tomes and grims. Or you can make classes jack of all trades, but that runs the risk of making them be too much alike and make the classes boring :(.

I have no solution for this problem, I’m certain that Fatshark has a lot more ideas on what is possible to do and what they are unable to do. If they see that a class is only played by an extremely small amount of players, they will make a change.

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I already “destroy” chaos warriors, specials and stormvermines and I can actually be of use WITHOUT a random spawning potion. So yeah, your comment is reported.

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