Balanced class (melee/ranged) for legend

Hiya! Just downloaded the game last night and love everything about it.
I was wondering if i could get any input as to which class has the best melee/range balance. So im not really limited to doing ranged damage or mele damage.


Kerillian Waystalker, while a ranged oriented has access to a solid set of melee weaponry. A safe entry class with end talents that allow for very easy ammo sustainability, and as mentioned, with a solid set of melee weapons.

I would say best newbie classes to try would be Ironbreaker (very forgiving) and Kerillian WS (easiest to add value to any group)

Kerillians special which can autoaim and brainlessly remove specials and elite threats makes it extremely easy to use. Along with health regen and an impressive roster of weapons, and pretty much infinite ammo sustainability, makes it a somewhat easier to play class - despite her overall squishiness.

You still need to practice your dodge windows, block, attack, push mechanics, and try to focus equally between melee and ranged to be effective.

But you do have an easier time with this class. But also, its easily one of the most abused class as well because of the same reasons, which tends to attract pretty bad players. They put too much assurance in her strengths and bad players get out of position often which highlights this classes squishiness. She can carry a bad group but you need to be aware of where the group is. Kerillian WS can be downed pretty easily, she is a fragile little elf after all :slight_smile:

ironbreaker’s locked behind level 7 though. lol

Unchained Sienna is also a great melee/ranged character. Only problem is that she’s locked behind Sienna level 11.

Sienna is the ranged powerhouse for this game, so her ranged weapons are strong and reliable no matter what. Unchained is the Sienna class which puts the most focus into melee combat, by increasing her resilience and damage output. It allows for a very flexible style of play, where one can use either range or melee effectively whenever the situation is most appropriate.

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