Battle Wizard is Fine

While not generally considered very fun or effective, BW is totally fine right now as a DPSy support/tank. You can go ham knowing that, if you ever need it, Tranquility will be back up before you run out of stamina and you’ll be unkillable. She’s basically just an evasion-tank with great crowd control options. Beam, Fireball, Conflag, and Flamewave all work wonders on her. The only issue is that the other two options for her lvl 15 talent are just utter dogballs, more so than other classes have that sort of thing.

I’m guilty of hating on her for a long time simply because she doesn’t live up to the “I want to make big explosions fast” model I had envisioned for her but she’s basically just a ranged version of Foot Knight that actually does some damage, which is both acceptable and effective.

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I’d be more interested in BW and unchained if the melee options just weren’t so incredibly bland, boring and bad.

Being able to block a lot is fine and all, but since taking aggro isn’t a thing in this game, tankiness like that has pretty limited utility in my opinion.


Agreed. Not saying she’s perfect or anything. She’s kinda a weird mix of HM/FK with an assload of CC at her disposal. I think she’s a totally viable tank. I’d argue she’s a better tank than FK/merc and either on par with or not far behind Unchained.

Still mostly boring though lol

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Slightly off topic but I agree commander j…I feel her melee weapons need a bit more “oomph” for Legend.
Gotta bash those armored heads quite a bit to kill em.
Also I feel like dagger second charged attack has been very unreliable to use since 1.08 or there abouts.
Its works fine when not hitting mobs but sometimes when you hit a mob with first charged and then go for second youre back at the first charge animation. Its very strange. I never used to have this issue and I play Sienna A LOT.

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Yeah, I get this too. Second charge attack is completely unreliable.


BW is not as bad as her reputation, I just feel your talent choice is very limited and her passive is still very meh.

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Yeh, w/o the block perk Tranq may as well not exist. The increased charge rate on Tranq is neat but the fact you only get one use out of it per firefight makes it pretty terribad. You’re also obligated to take vent on ult to have any kind of effective sustainability. Her 5 and 10 talents offer some decent options to suit one’s playstyle but they’re also pretty vanilla relative to other classes who can have totally different identities based on how they’re built.

You get two uses out of it though, not just one. I use it when running conflag and it’s worth it then, because you can basically fire off two fully charged blasts in very little time. There isn’t really anything in the description to say you get two and the tranq icon disappears after the first, but the second charge attack will charge at the increased rate.

Oh, good to know, thanks. That’s not bad with conflag or fireball then. It didn’t give me two on flamewave but that’s probably because the attack duration pushes your second charge right well outside that window.

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I think you are right it’s probably some kind of timer rather than a “you get two charges” thing.

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Could be ping related or a bug/“feature”

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Dunno of this is a bug. If you charge a second spell right after the first one with charge rate talent it will charge as fast as the first one. tranquility takes half a second or something to start its cooldown. combined with her increased charge rate on overcharge = deleting a horde on legend with conflag. I agree on the vent on ult; it’s too usefull compared to the others. The other ult talents need something like “Increased stagger radius on ult” or attack speed to be viable.

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edit: oh, someone already saw that. I currently live of that bug :slight_smile:

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For the record I completed ALL Legend Maps with Battle Wizard in one day… on PUGs, and have the Robe obtained for Legend Level completion.

Once you understand that the BW is the AoE specialist and Horde destroyer it much easier to get a clear picture… hence, why Conflag and Fireball staves are best for this job.

Start with this understanding…

Reckless Haste Passive: Overcharge increases spell charge speed. The more overcharge you have the faster your charge time on spells are.

ie… get used to being in higher overcharge states.

Firewalk: Knocks enemies down in front of you… like Kruber FK… with one advantage… lvl 25 skill tree: Burnout… removes all overcharge.

Skill Tree Skills in my Build:

Rechannel: When Tranquility is active, Sienna’s ranged charge time is reduced by 40%.

Voracious Conjuring: Increases ranged attack charge speed by 15%.

World Aflame: Every nearby enemy increases Power by 5%. This effect can stack up to 5 times. (your spell and melee power increases by up to 25% when surrounded or in melee range)

Soul Snare: Kills grant temporary health.

Burnout: Fire Walk removes all overcharge.

So basically In Tranquility and Voracious Conjuring your first two spells are very fast, That will put you into a higher overcharge state. Which kicks in… Reckless Haste Passive… speeding it up that much more.

So you’re literally doing full power Conflags one after another… trick is… watch that overcharge meter… since… its easy to get carried away… but… once you’re a sliver away from Blowing up…

Hit your Firewalk… and boom all overcharge is gone, so you start all over again.

So its usually a good 4-5 Conflags very fast, Firewalk, then start the process again.

For Equipment Boosts: I have both +20% Infantry +10% Armored, +10% Chaos. And Channeling on the Staff for 20% less Overcharge Generation.

It makes Horde destruction very very fast. its like throwing constant firebombs into a horde.

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