Getting kicked out of lobbies for playing Waystalker

I’ve actually thought it was memes or jokes on reddit before, but recently I’ve been regularly kicked out of Legend and Champion lobbies because I entered them as a Waystalker. The most common things I heard before I got kicked were - “A waystalker? GTFO” and “Glaive user… xD Go play with bots”. Happened so many times this weekend during the double XP event that I actually had to bring it to the forum just to hear some feedback from other players.

hahaha, I’ve had people leave my lobby after they see me on WS. “Change to shade”. lol

I very rarely ever join other peoples lobbies anymore. To be fair though, when I play other classes, the majority of the elf players in general seem to be extremely bad. They run ahead, shoot at mobs and pull things that there is not really any point in attacking.

What’s wrong with the glaive? It has crap dodge and range, but it’s armour penetration and stagger is great. It’s still good for hordes, but lately I’ve been running 1 handed sword or daggers.

Oh Dude, Topics like this are dangerous. I once created a Thread Like this, it got out of hand quickly:

As a huntsman main, its just pure frustration playing alongside a panic-button elf. If I’ve landed two headshots on a CW in the distance, when suddenly a blue arrow fired from behind passes through my head killing the chaos warrior with no effort whatsoever it just gets annoying. Couple that with a swift bow and nicking all the ammo caches it’s just an exercise in time wasting.

Having said that, I haven’t ever told anyone how to play THEIR game. They brought it, it’s up to them how they play and I have played with some fine WS players.

Problem is the good ones are buried under a crowd of CODtide idiots. If you gave the WS a knife they’d be trying to throw it to bounce it off a building and kill an slave in the cellar.

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better if they kick you in the keep and not in mid game remember his names and dont play with them… never

If you block people on steam, you shouldn’t get matched into their games right?

It pisses me off too when stuff like this happens but at the end of the day you’re the one being relieved of useless idiots that don’t understand the game.

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This must be what lower level players do? Waystalkers have no need for ammo bags so this makes no sense. Also the ult is extremely ineffective against chaos warriors(assuming you’re dealing with a couple of cw at least with mobs otherwise it’s a waste of an ult) tho it does do free damage and helps kill them.

I think you can still join their lobbies in game but they can no longer join u or vice versa via steam

On Champ + I play with people like this quite regularly. You’re right it makes no sense.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If people kick you for just playing a certain career or carrying certain weapons, they are people you don’t want to play with. If a career is “reason” enough for a kick, imagine the reaction if you make a mistake, get downed or just happen to use something they wanted. They also aren’t ready to give a player a chance to prove themselves (or even to give a first impression), going on prejudices and preconceptions only. There are certain groups in real life that entertain similar thoughts.

If a Waystalker needs ammo caches at any time other than right after a boss encounter (end even then it should be rare), no matter the bow they use, they’re playing badly. When spamming arrows as Swift Bow WS, I rarely run out of ammo, let alone need to pick up any. And I like that build, and spam a lot of arrows into hordes. Then again, that was probably your point… Waystalker is probably the easiest career (with IB) to do at least decently, but it takes just as much skill to play well as any other career.

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I’ve been catching a lot of dummies too must be cus of summer sale plus summer holidays.

I find any careers that can’t get slapped multiple times to be “higher difficulty” meaning I suck at them and would rather have an ability that negates half damage or some form of tankiness like slayer or unchained or zealot whilst still being highly effective at everything else.

The point is they don’t need the ammo cache - but the take it anyhow. It just feels like WS has a couple of get-out-of-jail free cards with the ULT and Haalth regen. Like I said though, I’ve also played with some fine WS players with swiftbow and don’t kick purely beacuse they’re WS.

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A WS taking ammo bags is doing something wrong… I don’t even run out with the hagbane and it only has 26 ammo. And it’s not like I’m not using it, I’m normally the most ranged kills in a game. Even when I play with my mate who does the beamstaff wiggle Sienna xD

I don’t know why, but there’s truth to the perception of elf players being awful.

Every time an elf joins my lobby, every single time, they’ll take all ammo, all potions, all healing, and use them in incredibly selfish or inefficient ways. I had one exceptionally bad elf yesterday who would take and use every healing item, immediately, despite two of our group members being wounded and on temp health. When called out on it, the elf just went “sry,” then did it again minutes later.

Before you crucify me for generalizing, know that I main elf. I’ve mostly been spared terrible elves by being the one taking the elf slot. I only realized how terrible most elves are when I started leveling Sienna during the event.

I hate to admit it, but I’m rapidly becoming one of the people who will kick pubby elves in the lobby, or votekick on a whim as soon as I see them exhibiting the signs of being a shitter, like chugging potions when other people have open healing slots or are on temp health.


I’ve a had a similar experience since I’ve also been leveling Sienna during the event though I main elf and I’ve seen some really terrible elf players. But hey, I’d never vote-kick someone for just playing badly or playing a class that is generally perceived as a “toxic” class. I’ve seen so many slayers, pyromancers play extremely poorly yet I’d never get frustrated - instead I find it somewhat amusing and perceive it as an extra challenge and opportunity to carry the game on my own.

I think what you are saying holds merit but also sounds like you are trapped in a negative mindset. But that’s just my opinion.

I tend to just leave them to their own devices now. Most often the worse the elf player, the faster they get downed and ragequit.

Why? WS is arguably the best class right now.

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that’s funny, whenever i see an IB i get sad

cos they’re mostly bad

edit: pressed enter twice when i figured out it rhymed

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