Why the sudden slayer only view? Dwarf hate

I play on ps4 mostly if that matters to this post but…after WoM beta came out (not saying it is related that is just the timeframe.) The community has slipped into this…play slayer or leave view. I main Bardin, ranger mostly as that is what I enjoy, and I do good. Not saying I’m legend ready but I get through champ pretty well. But more and more lobbieskick any non slayer bardin instantly. Has anyone else experienced this? I dont mind slayer it’s a fine class but I like my ranger.

If anyone is curious that it might be my weapons I use mainly the 4 hammer weapons for him, depending on my mood. For ranged it’s pretty much crossbow. Am I being kicked for my hammer usage or…what?

They’re thick.

Any class and weapon combination is viable all the way up to Legend. Judging people based on what they’re taking with them is ridiculous and the sign of terrible players so you probably dodged a bullet there anyway.

Doesn’t seem to be an issue on PC at Legend level at least, but I’ve been kicked for using the swiftbow as Waystalker before which just shows a total lack of understanding of the game.


That’s a major bummer. Haven’t seen any of that on pc really… although champion does have a reputation for being the most toxic difficulty. Not sure why that is :confused:


Strange enough, most of my bad experiences were in Champion as well. I’m guessing that most people who que up for legend QP are comfortable carrying a run when people go down. Occasionally i would get the guy on Zealot or HM/Shade in the live version in Legend. And when I see that guy telling people what weapons to use so that they can complete a map, I usually just back out. Those are usually the guys who quit as host as soon as they go down…

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I think, and have witnessed myself from time to time is that low level characters think they can be carried on Champ or Legend difficulties which in fact causes more burden onto the team. Or they say oh I can beat this on legend. And blam they are the first to die.
I just laugh and continue on but but secretly annoyed that I have to endure playing and making sure that player does not make repetitive mistakes.

Yes I make mistakes too! Am getting better at it. Trying to get the red items would make things a little easier. damn RNG

Another pet peeve is when some people think they can run off on their own and they get murk’d because they either decided to go afk or just does not have self awareness.
If they haven’t figured it out yet, the game heavily punishes players that I would like to say are outside of the bubble radius.

What is even more annoying is those low levels dying and losing a grim. I am ok if it disappears, I usually just quit if all books are lost, because there is really no point going through all that work and you just end up losing all the books.
Also low levels joining Champ. I’ve tried a few times to carry low levels to end on Champ but its just way too hard especially if you lose 2 players on the run.

I’m not sure it is a low level issue, I am 30 on my bardin. Thanks tho that explains when I play on my elf

Wait what?

That sucks real bad O_O

Although i suppose the idea could be that people hate Shotgun bardin and Flamethrower equally thus kicking those who arent slayers.

They do tend to have the highest friendly fire done along with Sienna…well i do not approve of it though since IMO people should be free to pick and play whatever they like since everything is there to be used.

Every time I see a dwari with one of these, my hatred of all dwari is redoubled and justified. And asking an IB not to flame every horde normally leads to them using it on everything…



They arent that bad if they are used properly for team play. Problem is most dawi think napalming everything in sight is “properly”. I’ve used one pretty well in quite a few teams. Anti horde flank for hallways. Last chance effort at clearing for a rez if nothing else is working. Make some space to breathe if skills are in CD. I mainly use it to counter horde flanks if I’m holding a flank by myself and we can’t reposition in time.

that is exactly how I use it, if am using the flame weapon of any sorts, I just use it to stop a huge horde and its very frustrating when they run into the horde when you are using that weapon. It forces me to cancel the flame mid way and seems like a waste of stamina then having to quick switch out of it and usually take a hit because of that.
I personally don’t care what people use as long as we don’t lose any books and everyone survives at the end. I mean that is really the all point is it not.

bardin slayer has no range weapons btw, is literally most aggro play style
has a choice of single axe, single hammer, dual axe, axe sheild, hammer shield, dual hammers,

I like dual hammers but is very weak in terms of kill shots but great against horde control
currently using iron breaker, since its very tanky and can take crazy amounts of damage

…I kinda fail to see the connection between your response and my comment to OP´s post but sure i guess? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat::neutral_face::thinking:


I play Bardin (ironbreaker) on ps4 all the time and have never got kicked from a champion game or any game for not being slayer. Unless they’re sending you messages saying that they kicked for not being Slayer then it’s probably something different like your level or instead of everyone wanting Slayer they just don’t want Ranger Bardin. Or maybe (not to be mean) you’re just bad and that’s why you’re being kicked.

good morning, my first tip is, go to legend , the change will be bit harsh at first but you will soon get used to it
why do i recommend going to legend over champ,
your simply going to meet more skilled players in legend and most of them wont give a damn about you being bad at first as long as you dont pick up a grim :wink:
some might even give you tips on how to improve

on champ alot people take the game more serious then it is

(like i will be honest champdifficutly is a joke and no matter what weapons you use matter in any shape or form)
so to get kicked for not being slayer simply means one thing those guys are BAD at the game and have no clue

redacted don’t redacted anymore? As a heretical grudgeraker/2h hammer IB main, I look forward to the golden age ahead.

No longer shall we suffer the discrimination of a redacted.

With regards to quickplays, i’ve pretty much always played with pugs and i’ve always found legend runs significantly more friendly. I guess it could be due to people in champion quickplays are likely to be levelling whereas players in legend are often just playing for fun. I made a post about it a wee while back about being kicked for having too much health but other than that, I have never had a bad experience in legend quickplays.

Edit: Info to be kept as a surprise.

That was an oopsie, thought I was in the beta section… I removed that part of the post. Forget you saw that XD And nothing is set in stone, lot’s of things were tried.

I once got kicked for using curse resistance :joy:

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Luckily I got in in the end but didn’t notice. I have appropriately amended my post also :).

Curse resistance for noobs, along with weapons and an FPS above 15. Git gud

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