Would it be possible for Oleysia to appear in the keep based on the last completed mission? I miss her debriefings

Since Winds of Magic she’s been trapped in that little corner of the Weaves area stirring her pot and talking about Weaves. I hate it. Where Longer has new lines throughout the updates, Oleysia is still all about the Weaves…even after helping reclaim her tower, rather than debriefing about a mission directly about her, it’s just more Weaves dialogue.

My Suggestion, either

  1. Have Oleysia spawn in the Keep corresponding with the last mission the host player finished, and she’ll have corresponding dialogues based on that. Like explaining why we were sent to kill Skarrik, or why we blew up a mansion, etc.

  2. Keep her there at the Weaves section, but change her lines to correspond with the last mission…and for bonus, it’d be nice if she had new keep dialogue for DLC and new missions like Karak Azgaraz and Tower of Treachery


The debriefings is something which I really, really miss. I hope it comes back either in dialogue or in post-mission loading screen or something.

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