Whose voices are we hearing in our pilgrimages?

I was surprised - and a bit scared - we could hear the Nameless voice in the pilgrimage chamber. I was quite confident it was Drachenfels. I still think so, but now I’m not sure. Could he follow us there somehow? It seems all-knowing (or that’s what he’s going for) and the link with the new content makes me think he could be even god-related. For example: he knows that the Lady of the Lake it’s actually Lileath.

BTW, do you think his lines foreshadow new careers? Like the new voices telling Kerillian to commune more strongly with the weaves, or to Sienna that fire is well enough, but that she’d need something more?

And lastly: whose voice are we hearing when we get to the scrolls and the Citadel itself?
The lines, and the tone itself, reminded me of the voice of “Engel”, the grey wizard of Ubersreik. I wonder if it’s just reused assets or something more. The wizard has been implied to be none other than Oleysa already. There was also - somewhere - a mention of her using more than one wind of magic, which would be incredibly unusual for a human. Plus, from Lonher’s last posts, especially the one about Tzeench, her knowledge of these matters seem to be quite uncanny. Do you think she might be something very VERY big? Might it be actually her we hear in the Citadel of Eternity?

EDIT: we can always hear her when we are in a mission anyway.

Wasn’t that nameless voice the same as the daemon that the enchanter summoned?

I’m quite sure it wasn’t. The demon’s voice was quite deep and echoey, while the nameless one is less low and more gravelly. I always assumed it was Drachenfels itself.

You can hear the whispers here:

I think the Nameless voice we hear during Drachenfels and in the Pilgrimage chambers is Drachenfels himself. From what I read in wiki, Drachenfels had a phase where he was without body and without memory. He was called specifically the nameless and used his power to psychological torture and manipulate empire soldiers (I think at the Auric Bastion?).

If anything, I would say it is the other way around. The nameless voice tries to manipulate the U5 to leave their current way and to give in to the temptation. There is obviously a scenario where they give in and become corrupted. However, I would think that most of the remaining careers will give a “spite” reaction. And getting closer to the other gods or trying to be better instead of giving in to corruption (even if the ways they achieve this may be less “clean”).

Christoph Engle was a thing before Vermintide. While it is possible that Olesya and him are the same person, I doubt it. Whole Wizard’s Tower would be completely unnecessary if they were the same person. And only for distraction seems like an overkill to me.
As for the voice we here in the Arena / Scroll maps? It is not the Nameless but someone else. The Nameless mocks us. The new voice wants to see if we are worthy. In Steam forum someone suggested Be’lakor. However, after reading the lore I think this is very unlikely. My personal long-shot guess would be Solkan. I gave a more detailed explanation in another thread of yours :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know it is, but it seems to me to be Engel’s voice. Not sure if it means anything though.
I didn’t know he was a character before Vermintide, interesting.

It’s what we do on Righteous Stand, though, isn’t it? 'cause a ruckus so Oleysa can work (and in that instance we do more than that, we helped protecting the ritual). Not saying this makes it true, just that the mission would still be plausible.

Cool, it fits. So he’s not bound to the Castle, it could move around in a sense?

EDIT: Oh, btw, I’ve found something official (although not conclusive) regarding Oleysa possibly being Engel (source: Dev Blog - Lohner and Olesya — Warhammer: Vermintide 2)
It should therefore be of no surprise that this bitter-tongued drab conceals a formidable magical talent. This affinity was seldom on display during the battle for Ubersreik – save perhaps Olesya’s ability to sequester a cart in places no cart should readily fit. The reason is a matter of debate amongst those few acquaintances who survived the Vermintide. Some have suggested that her talent was in fact awoken during those bleak days, fed by grimoires and tomes salvaged from the city’s ruins, and artefacts from the bowels of Castle Drachenfels. Others mutter darkly that Olesya possessed such skill all along, wielding it under the guise of the wizard Cristoph Engel…

Well, maybe they used the same voice actor because they know him already. Or loud booming voices sound similar anyway. It doesn’t make sense for it to be the character Engel. Same voice actor might be possible.

Information is from 4th edition. Not sure how fleshed out he has been. But he was mentioned earlier. But it makes sense that a game uses existing Lore to better fit it into the world. Going to Ubersreik and ignoring Engel might have irritated some people.

Hard to say. All my knowledge comes from the Wiki. But he is not bound to the castle:

" During the End Times the newly resurrected Nagash brought many of the most powerful vampires and necromancers to his side to serve as his Mortarchs. One of these was referred to simply as The Nameless , the spirit of a recently defeated great enchanter from the Grey Mountains. The Nameless had no body of its own and no memory of its former life. Nagash secured its services by promising to tell it its name and restore its memory.

The Nameless traveled with the also newly resurrected Vlad von Carstein to the Auric Bastion, a huge wall to the north of the Empire designed to keep out the forces of Archaon. Vlad and the Nameless take a section of the wall to defend, quickly making it one of the strongest points on the Bastion. However the Nameless, frustrated with Vlad’s refusal to tell it its name, spends its time invading the minds of the Imperial soldiery, forcing them to engage in increasingly vile tortures on each other and themselves. One day it’d have them flay their compatriots skins to make banners, the next the Nameless would change its mind, have the banners torn down and rebuilt using the soldier’s bones. When the Bastion eventually collapsed the Nameless disappeared."
Source: Constant Drachenfels - Warhammer - The Old World - Lexicanum
Additional Source (not quite what I want to show though): Constant Drachenfels | Warhammer Wiki | Fandom

Not sure on the Olesya topic. Don’t think Engel and her are the same person. But we may never find out unless we get send back yet another time to Ubersreik to recover the artifact from the Wizard’s Tower.

Which one you mean? He didn’t get many. IF i remember correctly, Lonher kept the chalice somewhere, and Oleysa had the skull and flask. The cursed rune was also in Lonher’s possession and stolen with the “books”, we recovered it from the wreck in the Reik.
Also I think Drachenfels’ artifacts returned to the Castle, as apparently they are bound to do, and I assume that’s how we find them again in the last map.
On the top of my mind I can’t remember any other, unless the ritual from Trial of the Foolhardy had some relevance to the plot, but had it? It’d be incredibly cool if it did, but I always assumed it was just cool gameplay. :slight_smile:

That is what I was refering too. I have no idea if the Trial of the Foolhardy is actually canon and I doubt a developer want to comment on that (considering we didn’t get a simple timeline for the missions).

But we helped Christoph Engel to seal something in that Tower. Something powerful enough he didn’t want the Skaven to get it. It should still be there. I always tried to push the theory that it is another Chaos Rune Sword but FS didn’t bite on that one :sweat_smile:

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Did we? I always assumed that our mission objective and Engel’s voicelines hold at least a bit of truth: that we went there to protect the ritual (and himself to a degree). As fast as the Skaven are to react to such things, most likely under Rasknitt’s guidance and perception of the Winds of Magic, he needed personal protection while casting.

How long it actually held is also another matter. We don’t know exactly how much time has passed between different story beats, only roughly, and that Tzeentch may be responsible for the different careers muds the waters even further. Waylaid would’ve taken place directly before the prologue of V2 at least, and the heroes knew at least then only 1 career. Maybe the teleportation itself did something to the Ü5, connected them to the Realm of Chaos, who knows. Going through a bigger portal 2 times more wasn’t the best way to stave off that connection anyway. As i like to repeat from that one trailer of Mark of Chaos: ‘There is no escape from Chaos. It marks us all.’

Anyway, the voice we hear in the Pilgrimage chamber is definitely the same as Lohner’s voice, so at least that’s the same vocie actor. They do have their variation when you go into the last Citadel figt, though. Khorne’s voice was a bit different from Nurgle’s, at least in sound mixing. But the weird thing is, or it reminds me to much of a different scene, is claiming the godly reward. You have only one shrine in the center of the Citadel, and it is different for every hero, with a little ornament of their chosen deity. The other scene is from Wizard’s Tower, the room which also changes for every hero (hoard of gold for Bardin, lush forest for Kerillian, etc.), and this one is definitely created by shadow magic (as it is in a Grey wizard’s tower). This could of course be a coincidence and Fatshark jsut reused this technique, or it could mean Olesya/Engel is more than we know.
I mean, teleporting the Heroes across the region? That’s pretty good already for an Ulgu mage, but it was supported by the Waystone network. Still, the journey to the Warpstone meteor was taken not by magic, as it was too far away (but still in the Reikland)/hindering the teleportation/smth else we don’t know.

But a teleportation to the Chaos Wastes, in a time with much more winds to work with, yes, but also way more chaotic disruption of magic (it is the End Times) and without a supporting network of magically connected Waystones build by a race way more proficient in magic? I bet even Teclis would’ve needed time preparing for such a thing, but he is also an elf as well as the mightiest spellcaster alive on the planet (besides some Slann, i wouldn’t call Nagash alive).

Yes I remember this as well. These are the steps necessary (shown as mission objectives):

  • Collect all four ingredients for the ritual
    * Find the three keys
    * Break the magic protection seals
    * Find the Crystal Prism
    * Light Candles on Three Places Around the Town
  • Survive (until the ritual is complete)
    I don’t remember if there’s any mention of what the ritual was for (or if indeed this is canon).

Nice, I didn’t notice that! Perhaps we are just amusing the Chaos Gods? Can’t wait to find out.

Yes, I did wonder about that. The teleport seems to use Cairn Gates instead of Waystones, so presumably it works differently. Stranger still, we have one built (found perhaps?) under our keep.
One of the journal posts mentions the keep being cursed after casting gone horribly wrong, so maybe that’s all you need, strong winds of magic.

Yeah, after hearing more of those lines I definitely take that back.

It was in Lohner’s loading screen speech to Wizard’s Tower, if i remember correctly. The ritual was there to renew the weakened illusion spell/s that protected the Inn as well as the tower itself (so it was found out after the fact). Shadow magic that made the Skaven look away, blurr their vision, or making slight adjustments to their perception (like for example make the place look like it was already raided) to not find the places they shouldn’t find. The windows of the Inn are barred, but not perfectly covered to not let light out, so it normally should’ve been easy for a single rat to see that there are people inside with the multitude of lights coming from the candles, lamps and the forge/hearth. And Horn of Magnus begins right outside of the Inn, so basically not long after the cinematic trailer of V1, shortly after Lohner getting the yet-to-become Ü5 off of the streets.

Yes, the original ritual up in the library was definetely. But I am not so sure about the ritual in the Trial of the Foolhardy. I can’t find any information about it being for sealing something so I may have made this one up at one point and then forgotten it. Would have to play the mission life to be sure and that is … to much effort.

It was, I understimated the mission and/or overestimated the bots, but with a friend we managed to beat it on hard again… after a while XD

So I have some interesting details which I missed before: the trippy, wizard’s tower location has no name, but the others have, so it’s not just illusions, it’s actual portals to WH locations: Drakwald Forest, Icetooth Mountains, and the town part is Bogenhafen (there’s no name for it, but the location names - streets, warf, plaza, check out). Another detail for the lore savvy: the ingredient from Norsca was an Urszebya’s Shard. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but Urszebya means Ursun’s teeth. Maybe somebody has an idea (the other ingredients were a relic - a femur i think, from the forest - a crystal prysm from the psychedelic location and a jar of eyes of newt from Bogenhafen).
After you get them all the mission objective is “survive while the wizard secures the ingredients” so that’s probably where you got the idea of sealing something. No clue as to the actual purpose of this.

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