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Has the pencil icon straight-up disappeared from the toolbar on the lower right-hand side? What if you click the pencil icon next to the post’s creation date? (If it exists)

Yep, it straight-up disappeared. I assume it is a in-built forum function to avoid posts being changed a month after creation.

The pencil icon next to the post’s creation date is grey and shows me prior changes (of which there have been 5).

Try now please! I think I’ve sorted it


CW has proven the theory correct. FS have been updating us with the FLC’s all this time. Beautiful way to keep those with an ear to the ground and a keen eye informed. I’m really impressed with FS’s direction.


And further it goes: Franz Lohner’s Chronicle - Provisions — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

FLC are still continuing. Also for funsies have here the “Letter to the community” which has been posted in such a way that most of the community sure as hell hasn’t seen it:

A Letter to our Community — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

How did I miss this thread? :sob:

Wow this fits perfectly with a line I heard in CW! can’t remember it exactly, but it was about hearing “two new voices, pushing me to embrace the weaves like never before”

This is more far-fetched: I believe Saltzpyre might have Tzeench’s attention (a dear friend of mine, quite expert in WH lore, said so from the start :smiley: ) and the recent pilgrimage goes a way towards that theory, but I don’t think Salt would willingly strike a deal with him, not at this stage anyway: it would do Tzeench’s will by his own accord, unwillingly serving his schemes while trying to defy him an the other dark gods.
Plus, it’s the grey seer which took Victor’s eye: “the gray seer saw your truth when he took your eye” (drachenfels). The line about it being a sacrifice is to be intended more as a metaphor, I believe. The previous line makes me think Rasknitt let Victor go, and that would have pissed him off immeasurably. He’d then see the loss of the eye as a price and a reminder of his failure.

I don’t think so, there’s a line (to sienna iirc, might be wrong) about “following her/us home”. Plus, the demon voice was different from the one whispering to us. My theory is that he’s Drachenfels himself, although I’m not sure now, it stil seems a safe bet. It looks to be something almost godly prescient, which followed us from there.

EDIT: to add to the discussion I’ll link you these questions I had: Whose voices are we hearing in our pilgrimages?

It’s great to have all these in a single post. :slight_smile:
Considering the title is Lore etc and not “lonher’s journal” what would you think of adding the remaining lore posts?
Markus de Mandelot
Family Matters
A bit of Remodeling
Return to the Reik

I can add them (not right now :P) but I think there are some missing. Also Return to the Reik is most likely just April Fools and not real Lore addition.


Yeah I know that, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be true in the lore. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s quite fitting with the remodeling of the keep and the delay to the chaos expeditions. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was actually Vermintide canon, and our heroes would mention that in the future. It would actually be pretty awesome if it happened :smiley:
Plus, who knows, maybe we’ll actually get that mission, I can hope :stuck_out_tongue:

“Really Goreksson? You wonder why your daughter might not want you to find her submarine? After you sank our ships twice?”
“Baah, no sense complaining, Grimgi, it did end the blockade. Plus, those were umgak ships, not dawi-craft”

Latest FLC about Sienna and her new found “faith”:

Franz Lohner’s Chronicle - The Blazing Sun — Warhammer: Vermintide 2

And just as a reminder:
Maiden of the Blazing Sun - Vermintide 2 / Vermintide 2 - Feedback - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com)

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Franz Lohner’s Chronicle - Leaps of Faith — Warhammer: Vermintide 2


Edit: Interesting to see how Fatshark sets a prolonged focus on the story about Bardin’s daughter. Sounds like the next Adventure Mode DLC.

Also interesting to know that there is a village in the vicinity of the Keep.

Come on Fatshark, tell me she is part of the next Tide game, Dreadtide here we go :shark:

Like a Navy Engineer of Barak Var who isn’t contactable by any of her kin, that must be it

Though I will admit Skakgal is possibly Karaz Zorn since legends say that it is made in a Golden Mountain

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Dreadfleet 2.

Brutal boarding battles against the pirate alliance of the Undead, Skaven and Chaos Dwarves on the high sea.

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Aye, have written a bit about it before

I love the Vampire Coast Dlc in Total War (Though I dislike the inclusion of Saltspite since she isn’t a Vampire/Undead) and Dreadfleet actually also happen during/just before the End Time

Small mention:

Skakgal: Theft+Gold

Skak: Theft, variation of Ska=Thief

Gal can be gold (Galaz can mean gold of special value, Azgal can mean Treasure Horde so could fit) but it can also be a determinant:

Umgi: Friendly Human (Singular)
Umgal: Group of Friendly Human (Plural of Umgi)

Azgal is a weird case since could mean plenty of “Az” (Sometime Axe but also the root of Silver: Azril) or it could be Az (Axe/Silver) and Gold (Gal)

So it could be that Skagal isn’t Theft+Gold but instead Group of Theft/Thief

Furthermore, Khazalid can be separated into 3 part:

Root, Determinant 1, Determinant 2
So: Ska (Thief) ak (Act of or concept, turn the Theif into Theft) gal (Either Gold, or plural/plenty)


Does Skak only mean Theft? So stealing from someone? Or could it also be searching for a treasure?

I think I read it before but I also agree that Bardin knows what the words means and I am interested to see where this storyline is going towards.

Also, I find the comments for Catrinne interesting. To a certain part I consider her to be a ghost (if they exist in WHF). But she seems to be a seeable person. So is she really a Vampire? Would be problematic as all Vampires are craving for blood. Or has she other issues. But apparently “she has a torch to carry”. Not exactly sure what it means. First time I read/hear this expression. But it seems to be obvious to the rest of the people in the Keep? Why should a WH not see something the rest can notice easily?

To Carry a torch for someone means to have unrequited love, it can also mean fancying someone who has no idea you fancy them. So she “carries a torch” for Salty. Romance is absolutely not on Saltzpyre’s radar at all so Catrinne is stuck in the friendzone.


Catrinne isn’t real anyway…

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“Real? Real?! Next you’ll be asking if my boots are real! You want me to prove it by kicking yer dongliz across the mountain like a goat’s bladder?” -Victor

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