Franz Lohner, who is he really?

I was reading up on Franz Lohner earlier today and it just makes me wonder about that mysterious character. What we know about him are the following:

  • He is likely former military
  • He runs a spy network (one that rivals even the Emperor’s)
  • He has alot of connections and a good reputation
  • He has a power wizard (Olesya Pimenova) either working for him or with him.
  • He seems to have a tremendous amount of knowledge about what is going on in the surrounding landscape which allows him to send the heroes on missions
  • He owns a bar and was somehow able to obtain or secure a castle
  • He was able to convince a power wizard to cast a enchantment to protect his bar from the rat invasion
  • He is able to make the wood, boxes, and food in both the castle and inn indestructible to a flame staff…

Clearly he is no ordinary person.

My thoughts are that maybe he was ex military general whom retired and opened a bar. Maybe he achieved a high military rank and was able to gain a reputation due to heroic deeds in battle. When the rats invaded, he may have encountered Olesya during the chaos. They both probably worked together and she might have been the one to enchant the bar to protect it from rats (and flame staves). It could also be Olesya using a far sight ability to see what is going on in the area and relays that information to Franz. This would explain why he seems to know so much.

I tried to ask him about all this. But he just gave me a pumpkin…
I ended up eating it all at once… yummy pumpkin


He is likely former military

He was a member of the Grudgebringer mercenaries from Shadow of the Horned Rat / Dark Omen. His shield behind the counter in the VT1 tavern shows this. He Also met Genevieve Dieudonne once.

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Oh I did not know about all that.

I also do remember from VT1 that he had some kind of vampire looking chalice on one of the shelves.

Ye, that’s the same chalice the party obtained in Drachen mission.

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