Salty the Vampire coming to us?

This is pretty new.

It could hint that Salty will indeed get a vampire career in Vermintide. I am both excited for, well pretty much everything that comes to this game, but I am also a bit disappointed since I don’t think that a vampire Salty would work with the lore and I am not personally thrilled on the idea of a vampire in the Ü5.

We’ll see what the future holds.


And there she was, standing framed against the trees, the Baron’s cloak wrapped tight about white dress, and a mocking finger pressed to bloody lips, urging me to silence. And then she was gone, leaving me croaking for help. No one else had caught a glimpse, or so they said.

Pinging @SmokerT69 considering all those Genevieve vibes.


Yeah, it seems like @SmokerT69 may get the last laugh on this issue. I’ll probably need some time to get use to the idea of “Salty the Vampire”.


My first thought reading the last paragraph was “Smoker is gonna get some heavy breathing” :smiley:


Interesting. Could this be potentially Genevieve being mentioned? She was definitely a heroine, so it could make sense that she would kill cutthroats pretending to be vampires. Easy way for her to get a meal, too. That said, though, Lohner has implied that Genevieve came through his inn at one point, and if that’s the case it’d be slightly awkward.

Also, well-written story. :slight_smile:

To be honest it reminded me of your stories. :wink:

Books from Genevieve Dieudonné cycle continue to reprint and sell well.
Now as part of A Warhammer Horror series.

In particular, the omnibus will be coming soon.


It would be really cool to see comic strips of these stories, would really respresent the whole grimdark atmosphere of the old Warhammer universe.
But, please, no vampire. Saltzpyre can be Sigmar warrior priest, vampire hunter, even steam tank driver, but not a vampire. Please.


I own one of the older omnibuses. :slight_smile: I like that art, but I think I like the art on my version better:

They’re decent stories; Genevieve has more potential than she gets in them, though, I think. Too many of them kind of have her as a side character to someone else.

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It’s a good story, salty vampire career would be interesting. I just keep picturing “blade” :joy:

They didn’t really give enough of a description to say if it was our vampire waifu in the story. I’ll have to go back and read that bit again, what did they say the note was written with?

Got 1 more day left and this roof is tiled and done lol. Then i can play games again. Been at it for 11 days straight now. Who knew replacing a Swedish roof would be difficult :joy:


They’ve been mentioning vamps and the undead for a while. If they want a vamp in game than I guess vamp Salt is one heretical way to do it.

Any Hardback fanatics?

I am convinced this is an elaborate effort to troll @SmokerT69. :smiley:


Could possibly be a Vampire Hunter? or a Hybrid vampire hunter like Blade as Smoker Mentioned

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Could be, although it almost feels like a trolling on us who didn’t want a vampire character.


A vampire Saltz would be insanely fun, although maybe he’s gonna go back to his roots and become a Vampire Hunter instead. And honestly between the two i know which one i rather play as…

Why not both? YEP

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(off-topic) If you follow the news of the real Warhammer, you should know that in addition to the vampire pirates, a Vampire Hunter model is expected in the near future.

Coincidence, perhaps. But not for the first time.


But Witch Hunters already hunt vampires as well, and since he’s already a witch hunter prior to game 2, why would he become ‘just’ a vampire hunter?

I don’t honestly see our boy Victor turning Vampire, that would probably require a lot more voice acting remaking than the other premium careers. But engineer was much more mechanically advanced than Grail Knight so who knows, maybe Fatshark will suprise us all.

I am myself standing with the boring crowd who wants warrior priest Victor lol.

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