Vampire in game

Is possibly to add at the game the faction of vampyr with the last updates, you put the castle of drakenfels( sorry if i wrote this name wrong).
And i wish to see this faction how enemys.

And my another question is that you put more heroes at the game how more spellcaster of another wings of magic.

Thank you for all and i am very fan i love this game.

Best wish from Juan


Welcome, @Nemenhat82! We’re glad you hopped on to say your piece :slight_smile:

I think there’s a big crowd that want to see the undead added to the game in some way or another (a certain community leader would love one of them in particular) and, with the addition of Winds of Magic, it’s certainly possible to add more factions!

FatShark probably won’t deviate too far from Warhammer lore, though; Chaos tends to hate the undead with the exception of a necromancer or two, so I’m not sure vampires will get added, but there’s a chance the undead might.

Needless to say, thanks for jumping in!


I could at least imagine Undead being an enemy but not as an ally to Chaos or Skaven.
Maybe our Uber-Doober 5 will strive to another adventure revolving around a Necromancer/Vampire. But that would be a huge DLC.
And a new faction just for maps for 1 DLC, would be A TON of work.
But if FatShark needs voices for Zombies, they just need to wake me up on a Monday Morning! Plenty of that around!

Out of curiosity what other wind of magic would you like to see?

You are talking about GD, aren’t you?


Sshhhhhhhh… don’t summon him.


I couldn’t agree more, but it’s more about marketing and which crowds to please. There is a quite large… uh… elf-crowd who would be infatuated with a friendly vampire were she added, while there’s considerably fewer of us hearty folk who’d prefer to see dawi part-2, electric-boogaloo. Could be an excellent marketing play for GD :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Yeah, the faction would need to be free-standing if it were an undead faction (unless it’s that one specific necromancer, can’t remember his name) because they wouldn’t appear side by side with Chaos. A tonne of work… and, rather, the reason I referenced “Winds” was in reference to the expansion, WoM, as evidence that it was possible to add more factions :smiley:

Ha! Oh, right, sorry.

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You know, it would be cool if they did add a vampire faction, and this thread gave me an idea about how it could be implemented.
It’s indeed very true that the forces of chaos won’t work alongside vampires and necromancers, but they don’t have to.
Fatshark already has systems in place where you never face the same “army makeup” every time you start a new map. Sometimes you may meet more chaos, sometimes more skaven and sometimes more beastmen. By marrying this system with the vampire enemies, you could give them a unique flair you won’t see from the other 3; undead will always attack both the U5 and any of the other 3 factions they come across.
This might sound like a lot of work, but there should also be undead versions of every single enemy you can encounter. Another unique thing you can do with them is that they survive despite any lost limbs; a zombie or skeleton for instance doesn’t care if you blow off its arm, leg or head, you just need to deal enough damage to it to make it stop moving.

I won’t get into detail about what specials or bosses you might come across, because there’s simply too many to pick at the moment.

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Not sure if it’s just total war but are all vampires in warhammer pirates too ???

While this is a much requested and cool feature, I think there’s more call at the moment for more Beastman specials like Bray Shaman, Pestigors and general fleshing out of the current half-faction. Tuskgors? Could be cool.


No, the vampire pirates are just one part of the vampire population. There’s the Vampire Counts of former imperial state Sylvania, and the former bretonnian dukedom of Moussilon.
There might be more, but I’m not an expert on that subject.

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There’s… 4 branches, I think?

Von Carstein : the royal bloodline that rules Sylvania and are supposedly either direct descendants of the husband to vampire #1, and one of them might actually be that husband (specifically Vladimir von Carstein) but we don’t know, they’re sorta generic vampires

Lahmian : the female sect of vampires descendant of vampire #1 who are all about seduction/possession/magical charms to get their way with the mortal worlds (these undead tend to create willing slaves because of how much they have to feed to maintain the illusion of beauty)

Strigoi : huge, monstrous beasties that are so strong most people aren’t willing to get in their way and are descendant of some ugly bugger who made his brood by trying to throw down with the orks (bad decision), but all of the strigoi are nearly entirely crazy and brutal

Necrach (Neckrac? Necrart? Can’t remember) : spooky mage vampires who like making more magical undead to serve them and they trace a lot of their magics back to Nehekhara, the old home city of Settra the Imperishable, who sorta dispersed the first big grouping of vampires

There’s also the Blood Dragons, who are vampires descendant of Abhorash, the royal guard captain of vamp #1, but they’re just sorta vampires who train with weapons a lot and, as far as I know, they’re not terribly differentiable from the von Carsteins in most senses. Abhorash, though, drank the blood of a dragon and cured himself of bloodlust so he could become the best fighter in the world and uphold his honor as a guardian of the meek against criminals and wrongdoers.

EDIT: Then there’s those silly pirate vampires, but I think they’re all technically parts of the other groups of vampires for the most part. From TWW: Luthor Harkon got his blood kiss from Abhorash, Count Noctilus is a long lost relative of Vlad and therefore a von Carstein, Aranessa Saltspite is still technically alive and just commands a bunch of vampires because she’s believed to be the daughter of a god, and Cylostra Direfin is just a ghost who’s really angry about being dead.


I think that was just a way for CA to implement her as a Legendary Lord for Total War Warhammer 2. She and her crew are pirates, yes, but more akin to the interpretation of Davy Jones and his crew in Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe a bit less encrusted.

Cylostra is just… new, which is mostly a good thing, as it was an unheard of event since AoS, but with the Old World underway more understandable.

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