Vampire Counts

I would love if Vampire Counts was added. Lore wise it make no sense because Vampire Counts and Chaos are enemies. But at the end of the day it is just a game and they do not have to join chaos, it will just be another enemy. I mean Beastmen killed a rat ogre in the Dark Omen map.

A post in February had some nice suggestions, Link. Another idea could be that the dlc only adds new specials and not basic units like zombies, skeletons etc.

Necromancer - Spawns like a Blightstormer, are guarded by two Wight Kings and raises all dead enemies around you. They are zombies, their attacks and movement are slower & do less damage. Killing the Necromancer will make all the zombies die. The problem here is that corpses do not stay on the ground so this might not work.

Vampire - Monster. A Blood Dragon Vampire, there are some famous ones, Abhorash & Walach for example. But Blood Dragons are mostly traveling the world seeking out worthy opponents to fight. It is said that Abhorash are one of the few Vampire to cure himself from the need to drink blood.
By slaying and drinking the blood of a Dragon. He told his bloodline to travel the world and seek out worthy opponents so they also could cure them self from the curse.

Fell Bats - Like the Packmaster they grab you and fly away and drop you, unless someone shoots it down. You still take fall damage if it is killed.

Vargheist - Monster.

Crypt Horror - Monster.

Bansjee - Grabs a player and damage them, every player is also slowed because of her scream. Or she just screams and all players take damage and/or are slowed.

Fatshark could also make a Vampire Counts dlc with new maps. A side story where the heroes have to stop the Vampires from doing something horrid. It could be only Vampire Counts enemies on the maps.
Let’s say a powerful Necrarch Vampire are going to raise an army from an old battlefield, the heroes must stop him. But he is not alone a Blood Dragon and a Strigoi Vampire have joined him.

First you face the Strigoi Vampire, the boss fight could be basic. He is fast and fight like a Berserk. Stagger is not that strong against him, you can stagger him with bombs & abilities but the stagger time is mush shorter on him.
During the fight Ghouls and Crypt Horrors spawn that you have too deal with and during that time the Strigoi falls back and regenerate health until you have killed all trash that spawn.

The Blood Dragon is next, they are really weak when it comes to magic but few things in the warhammer world come close to them in close combat.
He would be armored, have a two handed sword and his attacks would cleave and if you are hit you fly back. He can so a “teleport” move.
The animation could be that he is charging an over the head attack then teleport in front of one player and after 1-2 seconds he brings the sword down. The attack can’t be blocked and if you are hit you will go down. To avoid it you have to dodge to the side.
A mechanic could be that block is not as good against him, some damage always go through so the best option would be to dodge. His attack animations would instead be slow like Bödvarr.

Necrarch are powerful magic casters. This fight is a lot of trash, Zombies and Skeletons. He have two spells
Curse of Years - Like Burblespues Pestilence Possession attack it possess the player and you lose Stamina & health for each tick. Attacking the Vampire stops the spell.

Gaze of Nagash - Shoots 3 projectiles towards the player farthest away from him and damage the first things it hits.

Skaven and Chaos could be on this maps and the story behind it could be that they are trying to claim what ever the Vampire Counts are up to. Or you just run in to them on some fixed places, for example, you could run in to Beastmen in woods, Skaven underground and Chaos close to water.


Vampire Counts would be pretty fun to fight against, but i think some of your suggestions would be a bit much for our heroes to take on.

A more realistic VC roster would be something like this.

ZOMBIE PEASANTS: Undead peasants armed with their bare fists, slow and absolutely useless at combat, but they are quite numerous. These are also the main horde enemies for VC. Rarely a peasant will spawn with a pitchfork or 1 handed axe, this only makes them marginally better at combat.

ZOMBIE SOLDIERS: These are reanimated human soldiers, they’re armed with rusty swords and are decently tanky due to their light chainmail. Some even have rotten shields that can block a single hit before breaking.

SKELETON WARRIORS: These undead warriors are very fragile, but are also very fast moving and are decently armed with swords or short spears. Some even very rarely have plate armour chest pieces (i.e counts as armoured) and decent quality shields, but they’ll still break if hit a few times.

GRAVE GUARDS (ELITES): These guys are much like Skeleton Warriors, except they’re well armoured and much better at fighting. They’re also alot slower and more durable then their Skeleton Warriors brethren. Grave Guards have 2 variations, one with a longsword and shield and one with a big greatsword.

NECROMANCER (SPECIAL): Summons groups of 5 to 10 Zombie Peasants every 45 seconds.

VAMPIRE WARRIOR (SPECIAL): Fights with dual swords and is also very fast moving and can pickup and throw players. He also regenerates a small amount of health whenever he damages players.

UNDEAD WOLVES (SPECIAL): Undead wolves that usually come in small packs of 3. They can pounce on players like gutter runners, but unlike gutter runners it’s from a much shorter range and pounced players can spam the attack button to kill the wolf that pounced on them. They also have a standard bite attack that temporarily slows players movement by 20% for 3 seconds. Doesn’t stack.

CRYPT HORROR (MONSTER): Is similar to the troll, as in it regenerates health, however it does this constantly, instead of going into down phases. Its attack patterns are very erratic and is hard to predict.


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I’ve been ardently posting in threads like these before (because I, too, would love to face against the undead hordes of a vampire counts) so I don’t have the energy to make a huge wall of text about it like I usually do, but I’ll repeat two imo important points!

One is that vampires themselves are a pretty big deal, and our heroes would probably only be able to fight one in a Lord fight, not as a miniboss monster, and certainly not as a special. Vampires are powerhouses, and the only way to make a fight with them believable lore-wise, is to have it be a Lord fight, where we can weaken the vampire with the enviroment. Maybe open some windows to weaken them with the sun, that sort of thing.

The other thing is that it is very, very possible for this to be a thing as far as lore goes, because we don’t have to be against the actual Vampire Counts. All it takes is 1 uppity necromancer, or 1 rogue, lone vampire, to decide they want an undead army and get it. And, well, it’s not completely crazy to think that a rogue vampire or a lonely necromancer to want to ally themselves with anyone, even Skaven and Chaos worshippers, to have a better chance with their own armies.
Like, don’t think that the Vampire Counts are joining our enemies, think that 1 dude with necromancy powers is joining our enemies. That’s what makes it so easy to bring in, imo.

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Yeah. I hope he’s well. Nothing like him, not replying that thing in <4ms after such a thread was posted…


I’m not sure I’d even lower a vampire to being a special; perhaps a monster, but not so common as a special.

I do like the health regen thought, though it’d be too minor if it’s only when a player is damaged. Perhaps make the monster-style vampire soldier regenerate health when a player is damaged by anything (damage over time included) and again whenever a player kills something. It’d make them a truly unique monster in that you cannot have 2 players hold off the horde and 2 players handle the monster because it will out-heal your damage. You either have to blaze it down or hold it off until the horde is over. Even then, @KaelusVonSestiaf is right: vampires are sort of a big deal and shouldn’t be a run-of-the-mill foe.

I love the wolves idea, though. The crypt horror/vargheist also lines up well!

If my memory serves me right Chaos (Gods) do not like the undead because they trap/take souls so the gods can’t claim them.

With that said, Heinrich Kemmler (unknowingly?) made a pact with a chaos God.
So yeah it is not totally impossible.

True Vampires are powerhouse but at the end of the day it is a game so bending the lore is needed.

Five heroes would not be able to withstand an army as they do but no one is questioning that.

I read on the WH wiki that young vampires are very aggressive and animalistic in nature, so much so that Witch Hunters (saltzpyre) can easily destroy them. I think if the vampire special i suggested were just young vampires, it’d make sense from a lore point. I do think we need a proper vampire lord to fight as well.


Even a young, fresh-off-being-turned, rabid vampire is still too tough to be a special. THAT would be a miniboss monster type. But it doesn’t fit the uh, let’s say… physical profile of our other monsters? A crypt horror or a vargheist would fit that role better, and I think it’d be better for the image that vermintide players as a whole get of vampires if it’s presented as a Lord fight and nothing more.

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Facing the Undead/Monsters could be cool. It would let them work on more human shaped enemies.

Then they could make humans we could fight.

Then we could play as Skaven and call the next game humantide, I guess. Not that I want to join and play as the Skaven. lol :rat:

I wrote a possible 3 part campaign idea awhile ago centering around a lone vampire which is working alone to attain some sort of relic for nefarious reasons.

1st map is the 5 traveling to some sort of hidden monastery which has some information about it’s whereabouts as Lohner has heard rumors Norscan incursions in the area so he’s worried that they are looking for this item for their own purposes. Forest/mountain/cliff map perhaps with some hints of snow with the end being getting to the monastery only to find all those within dead and evidence of necromancy. They find 1 survivor who managed to seal himself in some sort protected area who manages to tell the 5 of where to go for the relic before succumbing to wounds. Would be several generic undead that you fight initially before the norscan / skaven arrive (beastmen could be found in earlier areas of the map).

2nd map is traveling to the location of the relic in which case the 5 are again too late in acquiring the relic. Not sure on the location of this part. Perhaps an old ruin in the moutains so we can have more snow terrain. More undead would be prevalent in the map though I think a full on faction might be a bit much - perhaps 2 enemy types or so. Again norsca/skavens are hunting the 5 since their encounter at the monastery.

3rd map would take place in a more prolific setting where the vampire is hoping to use the relic for some sort of ritual. More undead maybe adding 1 additional enemy type. Vampire itself would need some sort of way to weaken it, perhaps by it channeling a great amount of energy towards the ritual it can be in a weakened state. End fight would initially be undead adds with vampire beginning said ritual before the norscan/skaven alliance crashes the party in which case the vampire can feed of both heroes/norscan/skaven so it’s a good idea to balance out killing the other enemies while managing the vampire’s health bar so that it doesn’t more easily leech life. Probably throw in a rat ogre or two in the fight as well.

edit: still wishing for a map editor though obviously the idea above wouldn’t work. I’ve thought of another single type map that could work with a map editor but doesn’t include undead unless Fatshark makes new assets.

edit 2: to be clear the undead and norsca/skaven/beastmen would not be friends in any way but more of a third party so we could get some awesome brawling going on.