Is it possible to get a new hero class as the vampires?

So I’m a really big Nagash and von Carstein fan in the warhammer lore. I was just watching total war: warhammer videos on the new bloodline updates that come with the vampire coast. I mean, since Nagash do fought alongside the mortal realms at the end times to repel chaos from the world (forget that Mannfred idiot), is it possible for us to get a new hero as a vampire in the game? Even elves can fight alongside dwarves right? Why can’t vampires, like one of the von carsteins, fight alongside men? Emmmm, i guess saltzpyre will become salty on that.

I know there are a few problems in this. First, I really don’t known whether GW allows you to do that since GW could be demanding & strict on content sometimes. Even though it would be a great DLC for halloween, i don’t think it will be on time though. But it will still be a great DLC!.

Here are some ideas about the three classes: blood dragon lords, these are frontline warriors, perhaps a passive skill to allow them to heal in battle? Active ability, maybe to go berserk?

von Carstein vampire overlords: these are like leadership characters, give buffs to allies something like that. This could be the initial character.

Lahmians, these excel at manipulating the enemy, espionage and infiltration. Might be an assassin character, but there are too many assassins in this game. So perhaps a support character that can weaken the enemy or slow them down something like that. Onething is that when people think of lahmian, first impression was like queen Nefarata. I am not really sure but I think all characters that do such infiltration jobs are female in the lore while all blood dragon lords are male. I might be wrong though.

Necromancers, range specialist. Lore wise, not many necromancers are von carsteins, so if start with a von carstein, might not be the choice, also will overlap with sienna for sure.

Strigois, well, these are not lore friendly either since all stigoi give up man form into a ghoul form and have basically not reasoning and definitely do not treat men with good will. And I don’t think that having something just smaller than a chaos spawn in size to fight with you can be well balanced. Perhaps some other classes?


I would pay money for a new hero DLC, immedeatly.


Same, would pay $ for a new hero, 10-15, or 20-25 w/ additional content (or VT1 maps :smiley: )

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I think a Vampire would be a very popular choice, though the lore issue is pretty huge. I think every member of the party has reason to hate vampires.

That isn’t to say there aren’t good vampires (by Warhammer standards) - there was one who was even formally accepted by the Empire, Genevieve Dieudonné (after she saved Karl Franz’s life). Lohner even hints at having met her! Ulrika Magdova was also a good vampire.

But Kruber’s entire unit was killed by a Necromancer (and I think he’d view them as one and the same), Saltzpyre would want to purge them even if they WERE good (I mean, despite the Emperor himself saying Genevieve was A-OK, the Witch Hunters were always trying to find an excuse to kill her). Dwarves hate Vampires, Wood Elves REALLY hate Undead . . . I imagine even Sienna really would hate them, since they’re Dark Magic users.

Now all that aside - IF we could somehow get past that, what I’d love to see would be like your idea, careers representing different blood lines. In my mind, a Blood Knight, a Strigoi, and maybe a Lahmian. I know that’s basically three different characters (instead of one with different careers), but to me it seems to give the most interesting gameplay. The Blood Knight is the warrior, the Lahmian is the squishy ranged who focuses on magic, and the Strigoi is a melee tank/dang monster in its own right and who doesn’t want to play as a monster ripping apart other monsters? You’re right that they’re generally big and bad - but not always! There’s one Strigoi (Gashnag) who actually acts the hero and does good stuff and seems to be a good leader of a normal human kingdom in the Border Princes region.

While vampires are powerful, I had a thought for how to balance it; Vamps only start with half health, and can never go above 50% green health. The rest is temp health, and they would have different ways than normal to generate temp health to keep them up. So if the Blood Knight had max 150 HP, he’d start with 75 and have to build it up and keep building it up. Perhaps their temp health would also decay faster, so they have to work to constantly keep it up.

For ranged, they’d all have to use spells - the Blood Knight would obviously be the worst at this, since they tend to prefer NOT to use magic.

I think it’s a REALLY fun concept . . . though the lore-side is really sticky. I would pay $10 for a new character, no hesitation.

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With fatshark I doubt it… honestly I can’t see anything too crazy happening with VT2. The player base is at a steady decline, we’re still missing really important things like bug fixing balance and Dedicated servers, all of the events and dlc this far have been lack luster rewarding only a portrait or some LED weapon skins. I can see maybe in the future getting skins that aren’t just re-colors. But new classes and weapons are kind of a stretch at this point considering how much of the player base is just moving on due to being sick of a silent dev team and disappointing updates one after another.


I think your pessimism is misplaced. Vermintide 1 was, after six months, down to an average of 700 players. VT2 is sitting at three times that and the month isn’t out, with an event coming soon. Its player count will pop back up a lot then. At the five-month mark, VT1 was down to an average of 1k players, and VT2 was at over 4x that. I dunno why people are FIXATED so much on falsely presenting the game as dying?

Looking at peak, players, too, September had peaks of 17k people playing . . . that’s actually pretty damn good. And considering that Fatshark does support its games long-term, adding big new content like characters is exactly how to get a lot of people to pick it up again - look at For Honor, which before their big release of the new faction was sitting at only 8k peak players for July. After the new characters, it shot up to over 200k - and it’s still sitting at 19k for this month. A year ago it had a peak of BARELY over 2k players!

New content brings people back. The game is in a very good state, gameplay-wise right now. There’s still improvements and fixes needed, but that is always the case for modern games.


The game may not be dying, but it’s also true that Shatshark have done absolutely nothing to make us believe they’ll do anything ‘too crazy’ with it. I mean, let’s be real, we’ve been through multiple major updates which all introduce half-baked, often broken features that are the last thing from complex or interesting, and should really have been in the game at the start. Like, wowzers! You can smelt red weapons and spend 5 dust to create a new red! Damn me, now that sure takes months to create. And then nobody’s happy with it anyway.

The most substantial additions we’ve had so far have been Okri’s Challenges, which is a horribly inferior version of Q&C, lacking everything appealing it ever had, replacing it with the tired meme that is muh cuzzin okree and a ton of free chests from easy achievements… and the social wheel, which was initially created for the consoles, anyway. Though, hey, credit where it’s due - literally 3 years after the first game came out, and about 2 years after Grimalackt and co. actually accomplished it on their own, they finally let us make bots carry books!

With dev rates like these, and our greatest achievements boiling down to inferior versions of pre-existent content and shoddy fixes to things these people broke/underdeveloped/lied about in the first place, these devs just can’t do good, interesting content that isn’t firmly grounded in the realms of what this game is already doing.

This isn’t V1 where we could expect the bar to be raised with each new feature, and only shake our heads at a few clunky aspects. This is V2, where the entire dev team seemingly got a lobotomy and had their primary hands amputated. It’s simply unreasonable to expect them to do anything that interesting. And dear gods, if they DO do something interesting, you better expect half the other fixes we’ve been getting to get thrown out the window because what is version control again?

Now imagine them making a new hero. Imagine it and despair. I ain’t even bringing up the cost, the time, or the fact they’d need to record a lot of new lines with the old heroes - just imagine actually making a new character with their own weapons and talents. Dear gods, I’d rather not see the abomination they’d sink a year into.


Yeah, i think Vermintide 2 won’t have much else to offer other then the occasional (two every 6 months) map. Although the new hero is a great idea im fairly certain it won’t see the light of day (pun intended) until vermintide 3 comes out

I’ve brought this up a lot. There is already a vampire that’s talked about in game. Franz Lohner actually talks about her in some of his voice lines.é

And she would actually fit in, she saved the emperors life and is called the heroine of the empire. Only vamp allowed to live in it. During the end times she would have been traveling through the Reiklands on her way back home to Britonnia.

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All the times this has been suggested, I’ve not seen a certain point mentioned, so here goes: Even if we got a vampire hero (I don’t have high hopes for that), Ms. Dieudonné isn’t likely to be it. As any other canonical hero, she’s likely far too powerful as an individual to fit in. Or “heroes” aren’t really heroes (yet), just on their way there. Established, significant characters are so much stronger that if they had their canonical strength, they would overshadow our existing guys completely, and I doubt GW would approve of bringing them in at a suitable power level. A retainer of hers, maybe, but not Genevieve herself.

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I agree, while having a canonical character is awsome, it would completely overshadow the rest of the crew. Plus, a completely original and new character gives the devs more freedom in terms of design,backround, powers, weapons, amour ecc ecc

No idea how it works in books n’ stuff but our characters technically took out 2 extraordinarily large armies by themselves. How much more powerful could you get beyond what true soloers do in this game?

Even that was and is quite bad content.

Don’t get me wrong , the maps are cool and is was nice to give them everyone “for free”.
But it really sucks , that they are (especially blightreaper) really rare at QP and there aren’t even deeds for them.
The endgame is legend + deeds so… good that the maps got cut out of this endgame in an annoying way.

A lot of other stuff got written down here from other ppl so… FS isn’t able to handle their own content. And a new character won’t bring tons of ppl back, especially if they have to pay for it.

The game lived with the hypetrain and no real competitors at the start. The playerbase still falls and i won’t count the 3 days DLC free weekend - peak. The ppl saw the stuff , left again and we’re near the same average like back in august. I guess even the last vets will leave, if FS don’t die their brain to create better stuff.
Winter is Coming… and a lot of good Games with it.

I see you had to put a stop to it being a fun thread. Considering that, despite a rocky launch, the game is in a better state balance-wise than the first game EVER was (I mean, 4/5 Saltzpyre melee weapons are good, in VT1 how many weapons did Kruber use besides his arming sword? Now he’s actually got variety - just as examples) . . . And they’ve cleared up most of the deep technical issues, there’s nowhere to go but up.

And most importantly why try to kill a fun conversation?

Don’t be that guy. No one likes that guy.

With the others, I think it’s unlikely we’d see other canon characters (let’s not forget that the main characters ARE canon now), but the fact that Genevieve wasn’t even mentioned by name makes me think that GW probably might be micro-managing a lot of things like that.

Honestly, I think that’s the biggest hurdle to any new characters; GW being too tight-fisted with their property. Weirdly, though, she hasn’t been mentioned by name in most properties of theirs for a long time (even before the End Times). Maybe a rights issue? I dunno. She was IMPLIED to be in a few End Times novels, but that was it.

Though . . . she IS too powerful. She can break steel shackles with her bare hands, in the lore. I guess she could get multiple careers due to having been around a hell of a long time. She would have been really fitting to see in the Drachenfels DLC.

It’s for your own good, honestly. You people are talking about these things as if they’d ever happen, which they won’t. I’m just here to remind you that when these discussions come up, somebody’s head is way high up in the clouds. Probably best to get out of those clouds before you head hits something.

Also, try to be at least a little fair. I’m not talking about balance here. I half agree about the balance - things are better than they were in V1, but that’s just because V1 had such genius design decisions as the aimbot weapons and 15% NKB; not because it’s actually better in V2, no, it’s just less mind-bogglingly bad. (P.S. You can count the amount of viable weapon traits on the fingers of one hand (if resourceful and heatsink/scrounger count as the same), so… hmmm.)

I’m talking about the ability the devs have displayed to create interesting new content. Look at all the new features we got, even in the base game, as compared to V1. It’s a total mess, held together with paperclips, super glue and prayers to Sigmar. Look at the coveted careers we got - we’d gotten used to it now, but face it, at release, hardly anything but Slayer felt even remotely special or interesting. Don’t get me started on all the groundbreaking, exciting ideas that weren’t part of the talent system. Definitely gonna tailor my playstyle when specials that pounce me take 2x damage!

Anything new they added was as basic as possible, only becoming needlessly complex when they have to account for future plans, e.g. their plans to overhaul the cosmetics distribution system meaning that weekly quests have to be what they are for now. Or the power system, which I’m pretty sure only half the gameplay team even understands, and nobody knows how to make it the least bit accessible.

In short, I’m saying that the devs over at Shatfark are bad at their jobs, and fantasizing about things that’d require actual time, effort and innovation is little more than setting yourself up for disappointment in the future. I had to deal with a llllllllllllllllllllllllllllot of that as the weeks ticked by past release, and it wasn’t fun. The devs aren’t evil, the devs aren’t lazy, the devs aren’t going to abandon the game just because it’s ‘dying’, but they are outright incapable of creating exciting new content that you can’t hammer together out of scrap and bits, and even then it pales in comparison to what they were once capable of in V1. Judgemental of me to say so? Well I’d given them plenty of excuses and second chances, and they’ve wasted every last little bit of the faith I ever had in them. It’d be great if I could be proven wrong and in a few months everyone can point and laugh at me for saying all of this, but I’m never wrong when I want to be.

Just saving some of you the trouble. Stop yourself from wondering and fantasizing and being excited about the future in this game. It’s just gonna waste your time and make it hurt in the end.

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I completely disagree that 1) They are incapable of creating good content still, and 2) That this is somehow “helpful”. Honestly, man, you are just the downer. You’re not bringing anything good to the conversation, the devs, or even yourself. I can’t imagine you are even enjoying this. Why are you here?

I’ve been here since the first beta codes were handed out, and I played VT1 for years, as well. I’m aware of the mistakes they’ve made, but hell - I can see how much Fatshark has grown in a positive way. I mean, we know that Handmaiden’s talents were the first set to be made, and we can see the improvement over various characters. Hell, even her kit had some interesting ideas, like trading some attack speed for power.

People are so OBSESSED with seeing the flaws that they fail to see how many times we’ve been WRONG about Fatshark’s design. Remember when everyone thought Handmaiden was underwhelming and underpowered? Oh, then it turns out that 3 seconds of invisibility is really strong. Oh and it turns out the bleed on her dash is really strong. Hell, it turned out that the character’s dash was FAR more useful than we initially imagined.

The devs have also been spending the last six months fixing bugs (that yeah, they clearly dropped the ball with) because that’s what everyone demanded.

“Don’t make new content until it’s fixed!” Well, now most of it’s fixed (and let’s not forget that even the most MASSIVE gaming companies don’t even bother to fix most bugs; look at Bethesda and how EVERY MAJOR GAME they release relies heavily on modder patches to fix even game-breaking bugs), and they’ve done massive improvements that lay the groundwork for new content. So, considering things can change over times and are not immutable monoliths, it seems likelier than ever that we will start seeing some kinda new content soon . . . on a game that, despite people REEEing and insisting has been dying, is not actually doing anything of the sort.

And to get back on topic . . . You know what one of the most interesting new forms of content is?

New playable characters. Again, look at how For Honor has completely turned itself around. And despite it being considered one of gaming’s “biggest comebacks” . . . VT2 had in September 17,012 peak players, and what is For Honor’s current peak number? Only 19,619. This month is lower for VT2 so far, but also not over and there’s a content drop coming in a week. The kind of content drop people have been asking for. We’re getting what we asked for - yes, on a delayed schedule, but we’re getting it. Precisely as the devs told us we’d get it. Remember when they came completely clean that they’d messed up, apologized, and then fixed it? A lot of people seem to have forgotten it, and that they made good on the promises of making the fixes (for the most part) and have brought us new stuff.

Now, you know what I’d really love to see added to the game? A Goblin. They hate Skaven, and the party themselves would HATE him, but it’d be hella amusing to see their reactions to the horrible git. I can imagine Bardin vowing to kill him when it’s all over. Greenskins are one of the headlining factions of Warhammer - I’d love to see them appear. :smiley: As enemies seems possible, but I think a Goblin COULD be clever enough to realize that he’s better off working with strange allies against an enemy who would kill him no matter what.

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I really hope we don’t get the Vampire Genevieve as it would completely break the whole comraderie, atmosphere and feeling of the band of allies. IT baulks me a bit to see Keri as a Shade, but still. Salty and Bardin would not tolerate working alongside a Vampire and Kruber would likely have a whole episode of PTSD rage that would result in killing the vampire or his own death. Please don’t let this happen.

Apart from the work involved in a whole new character (that should probably be well underway by now if it is going to appear), I suspect we’re going to get what we’ve got - a new couple of maps and new glow sticks with each expansion. Possibly some new skins for armour and new careers. At a push another boss like Krench in VT1.

I personally would love to see a Lizardman temple guard or saurus warrior. They are the true enemies of chaos and the skaven.

If this were to happen i would hope the devs give em a bite attack in addition to weapons they normally use. Heck…could even generate temp health!

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A Lizardman would be amazing, but feel pretty dirty. They’re so huge and powerful, they’re generally EXPECTED to pull the kinda stuff we’re doing off. I wonder what kinda personality you could give one? They seem . . . kinda cold (pun intended).

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