Vote for our next hero!

  • Warrior Priest
  • Bretonnian Knight
  • Grail Damsel
  • Grey Wizard
  • Jade Wizard
  • Ice Wizard
  • Light Wizard
  • Hight Elf
  • Lizardmen
  • Geneviève Dieudonné

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This doesn´t mean that we will have one new hero soon, but we can debate and see what the community wants the most :slight_smile:

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A lizard man? This is going to the book, umgi.


I know there are some options that are more logical than others, but anyone could be the new hero with a good story.

Where is Skaven option? I want hero for skavens!

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What no Halfling?
Is this an (out of seasons) April fools joke.

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  1. Amber Wizard.

  2. Celestial Wizard.

  3. Gold Wizard.

  4. Amethyst Wizard.

  5. Another Dwarf (probably Cousin Okri if it ever happens). Longbeard (Tank/Melee Damage), Engineer (Ranged Damage), and Runesmith (Support) being possible careers.

  6. As @Poenix21 said, a Halfling. Thief (Sneaky Damage), Poacher (Ranged Damage), and Cook (Up-front Damage/Support) being possible careers. Thief and Poacher can also be mashed together to make space for a Lord of the Harvest, which would do Up-front Damage (this would also sollidify the Cook as the Support career).

DISCLAIMER: The ones below here are highly improbable. Viewer discretion is advised.

  1. An Orc. Black Orc (Tank), Savage (Damage), and Shaman (Big Waaagh! Magic, Support) being possible careers.

  2. A Goblin. Fanatic (Up-front Damage), Nasty Skulker (Sneaky Damage), and Shaman (Little Waaagh! Magic, Support) being possible careers.

  3. A Vampire (other than Geneviève). Blood Dragon (Tank), Lahmian (Sneaky Damage), or Necrarch (Vampire Magic, Ranged Damage) being possible careers.

  4. A Dark Elf. Witch Elf (Up-front Damage), Sorceress (Dark Magic, Ranged Damage), and Executioner (Tank? Possibly another Damage-oriented career). Has to be a female for this to work (I’m pretty sure female Dark Elves can become Executioners at least).

  5. An Ogre. Maneater (Up-front Damage), Hunter (Sneaky Damage/Ranged Damage). Last one is a bit of a tie between Irongut and Butcher, since neither are seen outside of the Ogre Kingdoms. Irongut would be a Tank, whilst Butcher would have Great Maw Magic and do Ranged Damage. This one is my own personal favourite, mostly because I like to play as the big boi.

So, yeah, there’s actually a lot more options than originally thought. I can list things down here that are absolutely without a doubt out of the picture:

  1. A Warrior of Chaos.

  2. A Beastman.

  3. A Norscan.

  4. A Skaven.

  5. A Chaos Dwarf.

  6. Any other type of Undead.

  7. A Daemon.

  8. A Giant.

  9. A Zoat.

  10. Any other creature of Chaos (Troll, Dragon Ogre, Fimir, etc. etc.)


Very little Dawi love in these options.



I added a Dwarf option myself, as I too found it sorely lacking.

OP’s going in the book I tell you.


Think we posted at the same time. Glad to see someone has a good head on their shoulders!

Thats some fine grudgin’ right there

Vampire TitsMcgee please.

The real hero is the one who kills all these stupid “new hero” posts.


The most logical thing for Fatshark would be just to add another career for every hero via a DLC instead of adding a complete new hero. Voice lines, breaking with the “four of five”, complete new set of weapons which are again just an existing weapon in disguise.

The careers don’t even have to fit into the storyline.
Kruber was imprisoned by Skaven, flees and then arriving at the hold he is a knight? And Bardin an Ironbreaker? Just add careers and no new heroes.
Especially not Okri. Okri is never allowed to have a single voice line or an image. That’s the fun about him.
Implementing him in the game, even as a NPC would, be hilariously stupid.


I wonder what new can bretonian knight bring to the game. We already have a heavy armored knight, what the hell? Same thing with mages, and the warrior priest will just become another religious melee character (i don’t know if they are using something exept for hammers, but if they are… well it will be a stupid strict character with no gameplay choices). Vampire lol, Kruber will be happy and Saltzpyre, oh and Bardin too. Maybe game doesn’t need a new character? There is expirienced game disigners working in Fatshark, if you don’t trust me (wich is sensible) trust them, they know what they are doing!

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There is no need for a new hero.


Skavens and chaos would disagree

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There were many people who always said no to the arrival of new enemies and now we are all delighted with the arrival of the Beastmen.

The same will happen with the new / news heroes. Don´t be so negative.

By the way, I’m surprised to see Lizardmen in the top 3 :open_mouth:

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Blood sucker.

The only real choice would be a magic user - we have 3,5 melee oriented heroes.
A different magic school with a different style of staffs could be interesting, but it’s melee options would be basically non-existent, what new/interesting choices would it get that wouldn’t be forced looking at the current weapon roster?

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Warrior priest FTW

I still think if they add a new character it must be something completly different than the existing roster. Adding another human just doesn’t make sense as we have three human character with 9 careers covering a lot of ground. With dwarves a little less so and as there are different elven races this might be the most likely.

However I would really like it if they add something completely new it might be something like Greenskin/ Ogre (i know it’s not strictly cannon anymore but there where dogs of war mercenary bands which fought for the Empire or other Human Kingdoms which contained Greenskins/Ogres) or Undead (or to be more precise Vampire, as the Bloodknight fought alongside the Grailknights or other Brettonians during the very end of the Endtimes)

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