Thee undead/ vampire counts

i know they need certain license for things but damn the vampire counts as a crap ton of units/heroes etc… that would be good for the game, on top of that everyone loves killing undead and you can do alot with the undead, and i was a huge fan of left for dead.

-could have a necromancer running around hiding behind a building and you need to find him or he will keep summoning zombies on your team, kinda like the boomer but opposite you need to go get him, if you can’t find him he eventually disappears and will reappear again to spawn another horde to slow u down. that or better yet put the iconic boomer in the game.

-vampire a crazy vampire that hasn’t drinkin blood in awhile and she is slowing moving around on the map talking to herself and making creepy noises, just like the witch, best to avoid her because she can drop you in 2’s hit, even at full hp and blocking her attacks cost double stamina.

-zombie horde spawns have increase numbers and they ignore going around fire and in matter fact completely ignore their own safety while skaven and chaos don’t, zombies don’t spread out as much and love to pile over eachother causing more attacks to happen on whoever they attack, if the zombie heads are not destoryed they have a % chance to come back up and attack you again after a short period of time.

I think they avoided undead just to make it seem like less of a L4D clone, but I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing VC in the future, there are a lot of faction options to play with.

i mean not all factions need to be allied anyways to be in the game right, we can have like half the map in one mission is one side nurgle and their allies and the other side like the undead which the nurgle/skaven etc didn’t fight or take over the vampire counts on that side yet etc…

missoins could be created to have or added in as well to start up a fuss over on both sides to get them more to hate eachother more etc…

Yea everyone’s all about lore but its warhammer s h i t happens, 1 or 2 out of lore things would be better for the game so much technology and history/battles get lost in the mist or never heard of in warhammer anyways. its war hammer there’s fighting going on everywhere.

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I have to say it would be weird to have too many different enemy types at once or in one mission. That said, I agree with you that the enemies don’t always have to be allied. I hope if Fat Shark does more enemy factions and enemy types that they setup and randomize different enemy compositions each game (i.e. create and have different rosters of enemies (not completely random)). I think this would add more replayability and would prevent it from being overwhelming or having strange enemy compositions that just don’t work (too hard or too trivial a challenge). That said, I’m excited for the possibility that more enemy factions and enemy types could potentially be added at some point.

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