Conspiracy Theory: Is Lohner dropping ambiguous hints at a new playable character - Catherine?

You know when Catherine yells from where ever she is, and Lohner says something along the lines of she’ll show up when she’s ready?

It just dawned on me - could this be the introduction of a new character? Why would she be in the keep yelling? And she is especially vocal about Salt.

(I know this is a pipe dream, it’s more of a joke post, but what if this were true?)

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Fatshark said the chances of a new hero coming are almost nil. They did say careers are a thing though and that they hope to release one some time next year. Catherine is also an artist and I think was put into place to explain all the artwork we have in the keep by her. Also, adds more “flavor” to the game.


Since she’s an artist it’s possible Catrinne will be an NPC to handle Lohner’s Emporium stuff? Would be nice to see some new faces in the Keep and handling cosmetics kinda fits this type of character.

Other scenario - some people suspect her of being vampire or an undead (which in my opinion is not likely based on the info we have about her) - she might be related to Castle Drachenfels event in some way? Maybe this time our heroes won’t replay the past events, but there will be new objective to be extracted from Castle for the Catrinne (even though maps would play most likely the same).


What is this heresy. You dare question my vampire fetish (let’s call it what it is at this point) :joy:

Read the info lore under this painting…hmmmm…

Confirmed lore, don’t question it. If it doesn’t happen, we sell all our shares in Fatshark and make our own vampire game with blackjack and…


…Wait that was already done, Sh*t.

The trailer was amazing though >.<


Latrine’s voice is incredibly annoying to me so having her become some sort of other playable character as opposed to a buzzing mosquito like noise in the background would be rather… disappointing.

I honestly hope she isn’t Genevieve because that would be super anti climactic imo.

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