Ghost in the keep?

Now, I’ve been playing V2 this whole Halloween event but I don’t normally lounge around in the keep.

Today, I was waiting for my friend to join so I was just running around goofing off. I leave the trophy room and saw what appeared to be a transparent female in a white gown on the 2nd floor walking past the doorway.

It absolutely freaked me out!

I also suffer from insomnia and have been up 4 days so it is possible that I am hallucinating but I was wondering… did Fatshark add a ghost in the keep for the Halloween event?


Funnily enough I was waiting in a lobby for a long time too, haven’t slept for 2 days and I’ve seen lamps (those you can hit) randomly falling down on the ground rarely (somewhere in the keep, not in front of me), but at this point I like “yeah spooky lobby sounds and stuff”, but I never seen this happen again at all.

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Seinna, pls Burn the Keep down

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That’s just Katrinne

btw don’t give @SmokerT69 any hopes.


I’ve only seen it once but I swear I saw it!


Yes, please! Helmgart too haunted, please destroy lol

I used to be afraid of ghosts when i was a kid, but now as an std ridden adult, ghosts are scared of me, anyway they could add haunted paintings.

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The voices sh!t me up first time I heard someone whisper “Help us” in my ear, or “Can you hear us”