Weapon Illusion Suggestion

I love the ideas of skins and weapon illusions. Can Fatshark please create a compendium of short to list all the weapon illusions and skins player has unlocked and not yet obtained? This will be extra helpful.

Please change the “Counterfeit Ghal Maraz” look, as this is not how Ghal Maraz is supposed to look, at least please make it resemblance to the original Ghal Maraz.

Also could fatshark develop tidier keep that unlocked through the player progression into the game? Not some rubble building.

Read the description, and you’ll get an idea why it looks like it does. It reads something like “this looks like somebody described Ghal Maraz badly and a blacksmith made it true”.

…And you cant’ really fix the Keep that well with only the seven people. They already do quite well to set up their own rooms and to open up some new areas as you gain levels.

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I disagree even with the description. At least a counterfeit should have a resemblance to the original design of Ghal Maraz. Fauschlag in this case is more resembling to the Ghal Maraz with flat front and pointy back.

What I mean is that, they have the design already, maybe just need to add glowing effect to Fauschlag or something.

as with the keep design, we have costume, hat, clothes and picture frame, why not add a keep theme or costume as well.

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