Counterfeit Ghal Maraz purple version

Have you seen the Counterfeit Ghal Maraz purple version? can you upload a photo or do you know how its name is?

I’m sorry to inform you, but there is only one Bögenhafen illusion per weapon, and it’s not for the ‘Counterfeit Ghal Maraz’ veteran illusion. It’s called ‘THe Weight Of Duty’ and is the recolour of ‘The Reiksmarshal’s Great Leveller’.


ok, I have that. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

You have not been the only one baffled by that decision, trust me.
This mod lets you change the colour of your veteran illusion, for any colour you can imagine, although only on modded realm. It’s really easy, you can even change brightness of the glow. The fact how easy makes you wonder.

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