Bring back the brawl

Hey, how you doing. Recently booted up VT1 again and just messed about in the Inn for a while, and the most important takeaway was that we really need somewhere in vt2 where we can drink tons of ale and fight over who was the real mvp the last run.

All the voice lines spat out during the drunk taunts just ooze character, and really helps with the world/character building. Also, it’s something to do while that other guy (yeah, you know the one) just HAS to reroll his whatever for the perfect percentages, AGAIN, which may or may not take the better part of the day.

I’m obviously not asking for it as a priority, but could you at least say a word or two about if you would ever consider implementing it? Or maybe some toy swords out in the yard so I can smack the dwarf about at least.


Ooh, yeah, let’s get the brawl back! Or some kinda limited duelling system, that would be fun. Challenge another player in some area, and you fight in melee for a bit as practice. :smiley:

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