Think we’ll ever get anything like that? Sort of like the bar brawls, but as something one player can challenge another to in the keep. I wouldn’t want a lot of effort put into it, but I think it could be amusing if ranged weapons were disallowed.


Or just bar brawl again… you have to go in bradin chamber take a sip from one of the keg, and here you go! … would be fun!


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Why don’t you think they’ll bring it back?

For the same reason it annoyed me in the original Vermintide.

There’s a quest on the board you want to complete so you join a lobby browser game and when you do, the members in the Inn are too busy “brawling” and do not want to actually play the map that they queued up for even when 2 other people join.

I do not want to get into a Quickplay match in future V2 with a pub brawl type feature just to be stuck in the Taal’s Horn Keep because people want to brawl endlessly.

Oh, so you don’t want it back, I see. Fair enough.

Hey, let’s keep it civil on Mondstille Eve, okay? :slight_smile: I know you’re joking, but you know how it is online.

I would very much like to have it back. It was a fun feature, especially when someone in the lobby needs to reroll something or go to the bathroom or what-have-you.

I never once played a game of V1 where we couldn’t start the game because people were pub brawling instead… maybe when the feature first came out and it was a new thing to try, but it was really just something to do to pass the time while waiting for other people.


Yeah I think it’d be funny to have back purely so I can hear Salty say “I’m going to beat the heresy out of you!”

I never had to wait to start either. It was something to do while someone was forging or doing the Shrine of Solace thing.