Vt 1 questions


The steam forum for vt1 is pretty dead and its unclear if anyone from fatshark even looks there periodically.

1: Can we have a thread or small section into this forum for vt1? The community of vt1 isn’t huge but we are active. Most of us (at least the ones I know) don’t like reddit and its toxicity.

2: there are still some small issues with the game, some that occurred relatively lately. For instance a few months ago on summoners peak the bots (if you run solo with bots) stop at the first drop in the game and stay there until you are roughly going up the hill (the one under the little land bridge that leads to the area with often two health pots) a few 100 meters away. Not sure what changed but if you get hook ratted or assassin gets you its game over unless you are far enough in that the bots teleport to you. This first started occurring a few months ago, not sure why. Could this be looked into?

3: the quest board is a great idea. It gets everyone decent gear which really helps newer players play higher levels of difficulty, gives a concrete reward for doing levels, and is superb for retaining players.

Is there any chance of player input on the rewards? Red axe and shield for bardin and any red bow for the damn elf would be top of my list. Maybe a nonbinding monthly vote or something on what to offer.

A vote idea or feedback has advantages for you all too in more player involvement and interaction AND additional chances to maybe get those that are into vt1 but aren’t into vt2 to buy or play it or maybe buy that dlc or whatever.

4: if other posters have vt1 questions for the devs maybe post the ? here and get an answer too? Some simple feedback and back and forth in one place would go a long way.

I’d kindly ask other players who are or aren’t interested or do or don’t think this is a good idea or whatever to NOT thread-jack this with pedantic posts that devolve the whole thread into some pointless arguing over minutia. In other words its fatshark answer that is searched for and not some random players answer/opinion/guess/etc. I guess you all can do that on reddit :wink:

If you are a dev or spokesperson for fatshark feel free to ask, answer, etc.
Maybe you all want to know things too.

A simple Q&A format would keep the thread/section clear, concise, etc.


I don’t really know the answers to your questions, but I do know that the official Discord has a channel for VT1, that every now and then gets a message or two. The devs have constant presence in Discord (even if they are mostly quiet there too) so it’s likely they do follow the conversation on the VT1 side there.

I also suspect that the Quest rewards are automatically randomised on the server side, so there likely isn’t that much input on them, but one can always hope (and the system does support at least seasonal Quests in the Sunday space, so it’s not impossible).

Looks like your wish has been granted: http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/c/V1

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Ty :slight_smile:

Best aproach to get all reds is by playing any 3/2 cata map with all the books. Since everytime you get a red it will leave the rewards pool you just need to be clearing those reds and the 3/2 cata runs sometimes gives you 2/7 chances to snatch one. Until you get your unique red all you can do is crafting the best desired orange with max stats (which, tbh, wont be a lot different from the red).

Lol, I’ve for oranges out the wazoo. Multiples on multiples of everything. 14k orange powder and like 180 blue because I’m retentive at unlocking them all. Lol.

I went SIX weeks once with no 7. I got 2 last week but that’s the most I’ve ever gotten in a week excluding quest board. I play with the same people a lot and they’ve mostly conceeded I’m the one ranald hates.

I only play the dwarf. All my bots are on reds (except elf bow). I have none for dwarf. I’ll keep grinding for them. The point wasn’t to whine or complain.

I just think that a vote of some kind would bring players of vt1 (who arent playing vt2 for whatever reason - and most of the active daily vt1 players aren’t) here.

Bringing the players here has advantages for all. The steam page for vt1 is dead. Reddit (no offense) is toxic and has its strengths and weaknesses. Its not ideal for something like this.

The players would do well to have an area to talk, bs, brag, ask ?, get help, find teams, etc. A more active place than steam where people go, see its dead, and jus leave.

There are some problems that have popped up recently in the game (ie: summoner peak and bots at beginning) that maybe aren’t too hard to fix. This place at least gives the chance someone might be able to fix that vs steam page no one even knows there is an issue. So maybe the game benefits.

Fatshark might get some vt2 players interested in vt1 (more $) and vice versa. New people who see an active community are more likely to buy, I’d suspect.

A regular survey asking “what on quest board rewards” shouldn’t be too hard for fatshark to actually do and was something that seemed ‘significant’ enough to draw players here. I was looking for something easy, low labor, and with a high enough potential payoff for all to concerned to accomplish the goal :wink:

Just gave you some advice over my long experience in the game. Take it as you will.

Well, tbh I DO have reds for the dwarf. Its just not stuf I want to use. Which isn’t quite the same thing as not having them. :stuck_out_tongue: