If anyone hasn't checked the VT subreddit recently

There’s a post on reddit asking for questions that will be asked to some of Fatshark’s senior creatives around the VT2 anniversary. I haven’t seen it posted on this forum yet so I’m posting the link to it for anyone who doesn’t check the subreddit all that often and might want to add in a question for themselves.


I really wish that kind of info collection topics would be spread around in here, too. Maybe even Steam. After all, this place is the official forum, and not everyone is a redditor, even if they do read stuff there (like me).

If you spread your communication channels, use them. Don’t expect all fans gathering to one place, especially an unofficial one requiring separate login.


fs, as company, is incapable of managing these many media platforms.

Speaking as a subreddit mod, I was hoping that something similar would go up here at the same time! Not sure what went wrong.


It has gone up, just with some delay. Plenty of time to get the questions in :slight_smile:


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