Any news on DLC?

The roadmap shows DLC dropping in April or early May which is fast approaching. Same with modding and dedicated servers. Any updates on these?

I’m betting more around mid-May for the DLC now. There’s been a lot of turbulence, and I’m sure trying to work logistics on dedicated servers is a nightmare. Hopefully they don’t pull out on the servers.

As for 1.0.7 … or maybe they might call it 1.1 : I’d saw the week of April 30th? They need some time to release onto beta and test. Then production following week…

The two previewed cosmetics are just the base skins with extra geometry slapped on… I’m hoping there’s going to be more than just ‘enhanced’ versions of hats. But I won’t hold my breath. They have a lot of manpower going into refining the maps collision and bug fixing. The host AI director bugs plus looking at the logistics of moving to servers. I’m sure they’re burned out. BLESS THIS RAVAGED BODY.


I hope cosmetics will be armor too, not only headgears

Eventually… I’m anticipating skins to be released in bread crumbs along the game’s lifespan.

Recolors… yey… .

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

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