We are close to the end of april and there still no news about DLC

Also there is no patch on the past week and no content update. Can you atleast anounce something of that, how much we need to wait?

They working it, they showed a little that will come in the Dev stream a few Days ago, but an estimated date of things to come would be nice - Somewhere between April and May is pretty vage

As with all patches and updates, I support their decision to delay them until they make sure they are in the spot where they want it to be. During the stream last week, they did say that there was a bit of a delay in their release schedule, so it was to be expected.

Oddly, I received the same newsletter which they sent me on the stream’s day (April 20). It is possible they intended to send out a newsletter with fresh content or… they just wish to make sure the news of an upcoming patch stays in eyesight.


They need to change roadmap then

The roadmap say APRIL-MAY so they still have time


I’ve just received a newsletter this morning, I assume that counts as “announcing something of that” as the OP says.

Dlc is delayed because the game is close to broken due to bugs + people are getting bored and leaving. If they started hyping the dlc now they’d permenantly damage their reputation with consumers.

^This. They didn’t announce a specific date, they’ve gave us an approximate time frame.


They said April. They changed that to May because, big surprise, it got delayed.

Apparently they actually thought one hat per career at a droprate of 0.5% was enough to constitute a cosmetic system, they only realized last week that we expected more when they said “fashiontide” prior to release. So now they’re making some cosmetics for the next update, which pushed DLC back.

Free stuff comes first, might release as soon as this weekend. DLC has been a long time in the making and will no doubt follow shortly thereafter. Don’t expect to get any of the new cosmetics until they revamp the system though, and that update isn’t even conceptually done so don’t expect that anytime soon.

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I checked the roadmap when I got bought the game, which was at release day or 1-2 days after. The roadmap always said April-May. Not sure what you are refering to CoolDude, got a link or anything?

Yes they said a couple of times they were aiming to release the DLC in April, with the Season Pass, anyway it got delayed. It’s not a severe thing, it got delayed a bit, we’ll have it in max one month, just let them work so we’ll have a better final product…

I heard them say April several times. If you don’t trust my memory here’s my reference:

They put May on the roadmap too in case something like this happened and they had to push it back, but they were definitely planning on an April release.

They never promised it in April?? Sure mabey they were hoping for a April released but they have always said April-May

Why would Fatshark ever put a date on anything? Any time they have to delay something the community flips out.


Now we are close to the end of may, and it’s not funny anymore.


We crave-need new patch 1.1. Yes-yes! Game lacks late-game sustain with green dust problem and low chance / duplicate red loot. Patch is quite stable-neat but still lacks such pointed issues. Lack of repeat-retry button, lack of skip-pass lootscreen buuton and missable scoreboard are also issues that need to be resolved-addressed.

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No, they unequivocally stated it’s gonna be in april

From previous roadmap page.

It’s not like that’s a community’s fault they can’t fit into any of their own dates.

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