Just a bit of news

I know FatShark can’t give us DLC or content update right now, but some people are desperate and some news or leaks would boost their spirits. It’s a hint…


wheres dedicated servers…

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fatshark responses: very soon, very close or in progress

The Modders are putting in some work already, you can check out the current state of Mods by following this Guide

Stuff they already have running: Better Bots, 3rd person camera, Damage Numbers, Minimalist UI, Weapon Switch Fixes, Mission Intro Skipping and a bunch more.


I hope this doesn’t come off as antagonistic, but I’m not sure what you, or many of the other posters here, are looking for exactly.

If you’re looking for an update on the general plan, it came a couple of weeks ago in the FS newsletter (which was widely circulated on Reddit and elsewhere): the next major update is 1.1 and it will bring additional cosmetics, a whole new quest system for gaining loot (like the Bounty Board from VT1), and mod support. In the meantime work on bug fixes, crash fixes, and general balance continues.

If you’re looking for a specific date for something, or even a rough window (outside of “the next few weeks” or “soon”) then you’re probably out of luck. And that’s just how software development goes…you make plans, shtuff happens, the best laid plans of ratmen and manfilth often go awry, and then you get the unholy hell of the forum-lurkers burning you at the stake.

If you want an update on progress, here’s what I — as a ravenous consumer of news straight from Fatshark via a variety of channels — can tell you: mod support is already in 1.0.8, an update to the mod tools has already been pushed to make them compatible with the upcoming 1.1 patch, and FS pushes updates to both the stable_release and dedicated_servers code branches (as seen on steamdb) multiple times a day.

No one wants the players to be happier and the game to be in a more complete state than FS. They’re working on it, and I think they’ve been as communicative as they think they can be at the moment. I don’t think they want to make any more promises that they can’t 100% keep. Not asking you to give them a pass, just to consider that they’re just a group of people who are trying to deliver a slew of things as quickly as possible.


in test probably, lol

Thanks for that. Hat mod changes transfer to live build. I just played unchained with Iron breakers hat & beard. This and peoples reactions will keep me entertained for a while. Can’t wait for people to get distracted by zealot with handmaidens mask and hair xD

Rest of the mods are pretty awesome as well. Can’t wait for them to go official and for more intricate mods to come.