DLC? Did They Forget?

Remember how they did a puzzle tease for DLC and told us they would announce what it was at the end of April? And then told us it got delayed for a few weeks? And then a couple months later they haven’t even told us what it is, let alone an estimated release date, and haven’t even mentioned anything anywhere at all about any DLC, and have been “updating” a roadmap for ages now? Pepperidge Farms Remembers.



But yes I remember very well. My guess is that they have realised that their engine is held together with chewing gum and prayers and that they can’t afford to go shovelling extra layers of code onto the fire. I reckon we’ll see a honking great bugfix patch before any more content. And yes I’m aware they already did a honking great patch.

Honestly, I still play a match from time to time but I think it’s best to forget this for 6 months or so. Come back when they release a DLC / have the balance (and UI) sorted out. You’ll enjoy it more in the longrun.

In the meantime may I recommend Total Warhammer 2?


ikr?? I’ve been checking their roadmap in hopes that they’ve got it up and running again…but to no avail :sob: I’m thinking that Fatshark didn’t expect Vermintide 2 to be as popular as it was and are maybe that’s caused further complications? I’ve heard a few threads mention something about how the game engine isn’t very good? But I have no idea honestly xD I’m just hoping for some DLC’s to be released cause while vanilla is fun; it just get’s very repetitive after a while :confused: WAY more replay value that L4D2 though :smiley:

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