DLC bug?

Just got done doing a legend QP…I’m the host, somehow I spawned the WoM map and I’ve never cleared this map ever before until now. I don’t own the DLC…as host I should never pop DLC content…sooo??? Early X-mas gift? Anyone else come across this?

As long as anyone in the lobby has a DLC, then DLC maps can show up in quickplay. Doesn’t have to be the host, any of the clients will also do the trick.
This is true for all DLCs, bogenhafen, back to ubersreik and WoM.

I think the only thing that’s linked directly to the host is the appearance of beastmen units in maps that aren’t Dark Omens. THAT is dependent on the host having WoM.

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seems a bit ass backwards, I’d think this would have happened to me sooner before

'Tis meant to allow people to experience DLCs without having to own it, and also so you could share your DLC experiences with friends and such.

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