Accessing DLC Content without DLC 2: Electric Bugaloo

Description: managed to access a DLC map again, without owning the proper DLC(im the host)

Quick play?

I started a map in hosts world and we QP’d dlc content. I have the content. I assumed this was working as intended.

Can’t get access to weaves or CATA

Did the one who initiated the map have it? Even if host didn’t?

It’s probably in some old patch notes or DLC release notes somewhere but I’m pretty sure that you only need one person in the group with the DLC. I’m really not sure about this and a lot of things may have changed regarding this the last couple of months.

Do you often host with randoms or friends owning DLC and how long have you owned the game? The fact that it only occurred twice make it seem like a bug.


In my case I did yes.

I do pubs mostly, and its being iniated by people other than me(host).

If someone in your group owns the dlc then you can play the maps. WoM is unique in requiring the host to own the dlc to play dark omens or have beastmen. Cata and weaves are hard locked behind the dlc. Both BtU and SoB can be played through quickplay if someone in the group owns the maps. It was done this way to prevent the playerbase from being split by dlc.


Ive now had 2 instances of me hosting QP and going into Dark Omens, so something is still wrong

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