QP does not seem to match players to a non-DLC Keep

I don’t own Back to Ubersreik. I was trying to host a QP game last Saturday night (prime-time) and noticed that no one was joining my keep. I waited for about half an hour with the SB bubble on before giving up on and starting the game. When I did start the game, there were people joining, but very few (like 2 peeps every 3 runs maybe). Unfortunately, I failed to ask them if they owned the DLC or not.

At the same time opening the lobby browser showed that there were like 3 screens of games going on even when filtered down to Legend/Near only, so I guess the issue could not be attributed to unpopular hours.

I was also able to join any of the games without any issues - it’s just when I tried playing with my mate (who does not own the DLC either) we couldn’t gather a team.

Does the game require me to own the latest DLC to effectively host a QP match? I haven’t found anything in the release notes regarding this specific situation.


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We’ll look in to it. Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

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