BtU maps in quickplay?

So correct me if I’m wrong but is it currently not possible to play the BtU maps in quickplay? I have only played the beta recently so it might be a quirk exclusive to that but I have not gotten a single BtU map in quickplay. I know I can just select the levels but I’d just like them to be included in the random pool. Though come to think of it, I didn’t get any Bögenhafen maps either which I distinctly remember in live.
So someone playing live either tell me if it was just a beta hickup or can we please have the BtU maps in qp (assuming you own the dlc of course)? Maybe without the ironic voiceover by Olesya because I find it very annoying.

If anyone in the party has the uber maps, they can appear in QP whether the host owns or not. Sometimes I get engines of war back to back, sometime no dlc maps for over a week and I play most days.


Your beta account was an entirely new user, which didn’t have everything unlocked if I remember correctly.

The maps do come up in QP live as long as one person in your keep has the DLC

Edit: replied at the same time. What he said ^^^^

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Ah sounds like a beta hickup or rng thingy then because I was definitely able to play BtU maps in the beta but never got them in quickplay. And my memory failed me when it came to the live version. Cheers everyone!