Return to horn of malgus

very glad to see i cn avoid these new maps by not buying this dlc .

but i do have a couple of questions, if i cant be put in these maps without buying the dlc why do i have an 8gb patch

is there anything else in this or is it a map pack? i see illusions listed and weapons, new types or just letting more careers use more existing types?

You can still get pulled into the maps if the host has them. So that’s why it downloaded.

oo please god no!

from the steam page

“The Back to Ubersreik levels cannot be played for free through Quickplay or by joining a game in the lobby browser, unless you own the DLC or join a friend who does.”

so im not going to see htem on qp right? just a friend could host them if i had any that is and i wanted it , but i wont get these maps through QP if i dont buy it right?

Steam description says you can’t play those maps in quickplay, you must own the dlc or be invited by friend who has the dlc.

You can get the maps in QP as long as one person has the DLC. If you don’t own either DLC and click QP, you won’t get either DLC maps.

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So just curious, why do you want to avoid them completely?

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just because i picked up V1 at launch and played about 500 hours of it , of which about 500 hours of it was horn of malgus as it was the only map anyone played , there was no random qp and as malgus was easy and the locs of tome/grim were known no one bothered to play anything else.

it and the other 2 are good maps , i just dont want to play horn any more ever again

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