Please retire the "intelligent" map selection algorithm

I trust you had good intentions, but it’s not working out and instead just utterly frustrating. Don’t weight maps or do anything fancy at all, just a plain and simple RNG with equal chance for all eligible maps.


I did not know about that, isnt it rng? If not how does it work?

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From what I heard, maps that you have not beaten in a while become more likely to show up in quickplay. Would certainly explain why Blightreaper keeps haunting me, my least favorite map.


Yeah and while I am trying to finally complete the “all maps with all careers on veteran” challenge, quickplay becomes nigh useless. All I see is Ubersreik and Bögenhafen maps, or if it is a Helmgart map then one that I have already done on that career.

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All I get now is Old Haunts and besides the fact I hate that map but none of the daily or weekly quests count for that map.

This isn’t a feature anymore. I don’t remember when, but a patch some time ago changed it from the system you describe here into a completely rng selection. It was probably a year ago or longer when this change happened though.

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The weighed selection system is indeed garbage. However it should be noted that many of the games in the quickplay queue were selected by the host and don’t represent a random sample. Even if the system really is RNG then the only way to ensure it’s use is to host a game yourself.

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Wow, is this verified? Because yah, I would just prefer pure RNG honestly, and no form of skewing.

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The system seems to be that if you want the best chance at RNG rewards, you have to play the worst maps.

This is old news. They removed this after Boegenhafen (however that’s spelled). Blightreaper was haunting everyone’s dreams so they had to take it out. It’s in a patch note sometime after the release of that DLC. It is supposedly RNG now though.


can you link the patch notes please? I couldnt find it.

I’m not gonna go back and look for it either lol

I don’t remember seeing this in patch notes, and I read them all. I think you might be mistaken.


I really do not like it either.

I keep getting maps like the 3 ubersreik DLC ones, skittergate and beastman DLC one over and over and over.

Occasional fort or convocation of decay.

Everything else is basically rare to me at this point.

Nah, was a big deal when it happened.

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Well, QP isn’t truly random unless you host every single match. First it looks for hosted games nearby you that you join into; if there’re 3 people playing in the BtU DLC, you’re going to join their game and have to play that map. For the most part, you’re at the mercy of people already hosting games and what they happened to play, even if they selected it.

If you were to host every single match it would either go RNG or with algorithm… regardless of which it currently is, RNG will provide a crappier pool pretty much every time. At one point I was going to compose a list of likelihoods of actually clearing the original 13 stages using a properly RNG system… and the odds are terrible on a first pass (13! divided by 1313). If you include the DLC maps it’ll take a hundred games to provide a reasonable probability to play every single map. In any case, algorithm or not: if you get bored of playing a map and want to guarantee that you won’t play it, just host a specific map!

Either way, if you really feel like you’re missing out on a map, just play it :smiley: you can choose to not QP.


well, i searched through all of the patch notes and I couldn’t find it. I don’t think it was ever changed. I had to uninstall the beta because every QP map was Old Haunts…

I’ve only completed that map once…

I absolutely do not have that issue. I chose it on purpose a bunch of times, but I hardly ever see it in quickplay. And certainly not disproportionally so. Maybe you only played in the beginning of the Beta, when everybody custome gamed that map, so it was over-represented in joinable games?

The map selection seems ramdom enough to me, in any case. Only way to properly test it would be to gather a huge amount of data from different accounts… Or a simple message from a Dev off course… That could settle this entire thread in one fell swoop…


I guess everyone’s got that QP map they see all the time. I feel like I never see Dark Omens these days, but that might just be players not having WoM.

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