QP shouldn't give the same map twice

It would be so easy to implement, and it’s enough if it checks the host when starting a QP, not necessarily all the players.
Actually it would be cool if the game stores the last 2 played (different) maps regardless of success or fail, or being QP or custom selected one, or deed and for hosts and clients. But it would be enough to check the last maps of the host to pick a new map for QP.



Related patch note from Patch 1.4 (December 2018) - [PC] Vermintide 2 - Back to Ubersreik - OUT NOW!

We’ve changed how random missions are selected for Quickplay. Our previous implementation led to some unfortunate situations, such as getting the same mission twice in a row. Our new mission selection algorithm is much more random, but will make sure you will probably not see the same mission come up twice in a row, as recently played mission are heavily discouraged by the algorithm.

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Yeah, my friend and I had Enchanter’s Lair, 3 - THREE times in a row. And Halescourge twice just yesterday.

Why does it have to be “probably not see” and not “will not see”?
People are b*tching about this for 2 years, and FS still doesn’t actually make sure of it…

Did he ended those in fail?

Instead of “probably not see the the same mission” I prefer “surely not see the the same mission”.
Even better not seeing the last 2 missions.

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Even if he didn’t complete them, the patch notes linked above say they changed the algorithm away from that. Personally I ran in to this a ton when I would try to rush quickplay weeklies on recruit and trying to get a fast map. I think for like 8 rolls I got the same three maps, one of them 3 times in a row, and I quit out of all them so it wasn’t a failure thing (I was forcing host so it wasn’t connecting to other lobbies).