How do you land consistent headshots with DF pistols?

Got flamed and kicked for not headshotting the end boss in “Into the Nest” even though I was trying to. Tried aiming slightly high to account for projectile arch (he was still) but only about 1/5 were headshots. I thought Drakefire pistols weren’t about sniping.

Sounds like an elitist group of jackasses. As far as i know, you dont need to headshot him to interrupt his casting. Just make sure he gets hit like… once every 2-4 seconds? At least up to champ, drakes stagger him from body shots. Any group that kicks a non afk/troll player during a boss fight (if you have been there the whole run) imo, are dicks. Dont feel bad, they are a bit hard to aim, it takes some getting used too, and they cant really be “aimed” as much as shot in a general direction. Sorry you experienced that, dont let them get you down, keep playing Ironbreaker :smiley: best career ever

Oh wait my bad wrong name it wasn’t Rasknitt it the the Spinemangler dude from Into the Nest

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OMG. Are you kidding? XD That is so much worse its not even funny. Drake can only hurt armor via headshots, and imo after trying so many times, i gave up trying. I originally ran hammer/shield (cause its cleave is godly), but had to eventually give in and switch to shield/axe because hammer cant armor pen at all, and i would always end up vs 1-2 Chaos warriors (or armored boss) and just be worthless. Axe has great armor pen and works super well for dealing with armor, but imo, never try to use drakes vs armor, its just… a literal crapshoot :stuck_out_tongue: What i mean is thats so much more not your fault than rasknit. At least Rask can be hurt by them, but yah… No. I deem that group a bunch of a-holes. If u dont mind ,ill link u a post i made on how i run IB.

For champion, i like to run Axe/Shield and drake pistols. I mostly use the pistols, only pulling out melee if i need to block/deal with excessive armor. Drake pistols w/ 20% overheat reduction and 30% talent reduction = massive amounts of firepower, and w/ the level 20 temp health on kill trait, i find myself just machine gunning my pistols and using my temp health to vent my excess overcharge on hordes. works surprisingly well (as long as ppl know not to stand in front of me when i am massacring the front lines). I also run the healing trinket (free hp to use for venting if needed :stuck_out_tongue: ). I am able to usually fire off somewhere around 6-8 shots before filling first overcharge bar, and since the shots can cleave hordes, i can usually vent 2-4 shots worth of first bar before the horde fills the space that i cleared, and then keep firing until max heat. once max heat, then i switch to melee and shove/cut. Prob not a normal playstyle but i love it :smiley:

Also, running off balance on shield (enemy takes 50% more dmg for 3 sec after blocking) with the 25 taunt bosses talent is hilarious. Every boss, i bomb (shrapnel, 20% bonus dmg for 10 sec) and then 50% more bonus dmg for first 10 sec (duration of taunt) of boss fight allows my team to usually chunk most bosses pretty well.

I love Hammer/shield, but i kept finding myself completely worthless against heavy armor (CW/Bosses). The cleave of H/S is amazing, but w/o the armor pen, i find myself switching to axe for reliable pen and drake pistols for non armored enemies (which works very well). If they ever change hammer or add in some way to pen armor, i would go back instantly. I view IB as the ultimate support: Super tanky, great at clearing normal enemies, tiny (so u can shoot over him), and well rounded for supporting the team, whether by boosting dmg via blocking, or taunting hordes and spam rezzing downed teamates and turning the tides for victory!

But back to original: I would not recommend fighting armor w/ drakes, if ppl demand it, they are not very smart. Headshotting is pretty hard as is, and it takes so many shots to deal decent damage compared to 1 axe swing, imo its a waste of time. Better when fighting armored bosses to use ur drakes to massacre the adds that spawn and let the group focus on the boss (if u dont have an armor pen weapon). if you do have armor pen, still use drakes to massacre adds, then go and get on their butts and cut them to pieces. w/ axe and shield, i usually 5-6 hit champ chaos warriors (which i am happy w/, especially if i block a hit first so i get the 50% bonus dmg for 3 sec, then its like 3 hits)

Cheers man. Currently using single handed hammer by itself. Intially because it was the only actual illusion weapon I got for Bardin (all other “illusion” weapons I got for Bardin had base skins) but then found it was really fun and satisfying to use so I stuck with it

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In that case, if you love it, F anyone who says otherwise. Keep playing/gearing, and be the best hammer smasher you can be :heart:

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