Lv20 Talent Heals On Lords

Apparently the level 20 talent that specifically says that you regain health when Rat Ogres, Stormfiends, Chaos Troll Chaos Spawns are killed also applies to the named bosses. Including the Gatekeeper.
I’m not sure if the talent just has the wrong description or if it’s not supposed to be healing on the lords, but there you have it.

the funny thing is, you may be the only one on the planet running that talent


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I had a pretty brutal deed for Skittergate (No items, no respawn, strong elites). Temp health was basically no help so we thought we’d give it a try.

It was pretty much what completed the run. Two random bosses on top of the gatekeeper and final. Since pretty much 1 hit from an elite is a knockdown, there were a few times when knockdowns occurred because one of the hits slipped through. The bosses let us keep resetting the critical status.
Both Deathrattler and Rasknitt provide it during the same boss fight too. No need to detail why that was helpful for this deed.

I actually run it on Handmaiden and Unchained, it get me full health whenever a boss dies ^^
And as I play them both the tanky way, I have no crit, and few kills.

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