Unchained Essence Syphon balance

The talent Essence Syphon is interesting, albeit often totally useless. When it procs, it’s usually little more than a Black&White clear, since bosses most often die after the horde/specials are cleared away, which is fine. However, what happens quite frequently to me anyway, is a boss is killed while a player is in a downed state (but not dead), resulting in the Unchained player getting literally nothing out of it due to how the talent works.

Do you think it’s fair and possible for Essence Syphon to still grant a heal to the player, despite being in a downed state in some way, or at least clearing their Black&White status once a boss is killed? The player would still be incapacitated, so there’s no benefit towards the talent helping win any encounter; it would simply make this very situational talent more viable.

The Clear Wound on boss killed talents are often considered trash, while I find them pretty interesting too.

The fact is, either Fatshark listen to the common opinion (which is fine, I don’t blame that), and rework totally those talents, either they just tweak it a little bit, which will please the people already using them, and draw some “Boooo this isn’t enough” from the other people.

What you suggest tho, if I understood correctly, is that a player running this talent and getting downed during the boss fight, will not be in White health if he is revived after the boss died ?
First, due to how Fatshark seems to handle life bar and all, it’s gonna be a buggy mess to do this I think.
Second, I do think this talent just need small tweaks, cause with the right build it’s super strong, but I don’t think this is the good solution. Maybe split this talent with the Handmaiden version to add extra effect, like Clear any wounds AND Overcharge on Unchained, and Clear any wounds AND… uh… give a huge stamina regen for a few seconds ? I really don’t know what to give Handmaiden (she needs a complete personnality, in her kit I mean, revamp tho)

This and the Handmaiden’s equivalent were quite useful for me for a while, mostly when playing on Champ. Even saved my (and possibly the group’s) skin a few times. But as I learned to play better, especially against Bosses, it wasn’t needed anymore, and another choice was better. So as such, I can easily see a place for them as is.

A conditional ability is only a useful choice if the condition is fulfilled often enough, and the boost it provides is high enough. In this case, if you’re downed often on Bosses (without healing on hand) it can be useful and even a lifesaver. To be fully effective, though, it needs at least some temp health left and a Wound. So when you get to the point where you usually have other heals to use, you have no Temp Health left after a Boss, or (the best of all) you don’t go down that often on Bosses anymore, it ceases to be useful. A tweak to enhance its usefulness or to lengthen the useful skill window wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, but it needs to be carefully constructed so that it won’t be too strong. Maybe something along your lines, a delayed effect (delay for, I dunno, 15 seconds? Enough for everyone to reorient themselves and to revive the recipient) could be used.

This is one of the best talents in the game that allows to play unchained in legend very casually. It allows my to clear my wound (if I actually died with this career) while using nb without taking a kit. It usually heals me to 75-100% because of the broken temp hp system. Bosses die very easily to fire balls and your melee friends that I rarely take more than 25% dmg in a boss fight.

But sure should you be downed while the boss is killed you don’t get anything same as the lvl 20 boss talent.

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