Ironbreaker lvl 15 talent

Hi guys! Between the passive that reduce the cd of impenetrable to 13 sec or 10 hp regen when you get it and impenetrable is up, which one do you think its better?

I don t know if 10 hp is a lot of health really…atm i have like 60 percent more health so i dunno if it s still good

Test it and you tell us :slight_smile: Not sure what is the health poll for all characters. I hear its is between 100 and 150 HP. 10 HP heal every 20 seconds sounds nice, but if you get overwhelmed on higher difficulties it is nothing. So I would go with 13 sec cooldown reduction.

The higher the difficulty, the more damage you take. Once a single rat can take a third of your health or so, ignoring hits is probably a more sensible option.

I don’t think we know about health, but in the first game you had 150 health on all difficulties except Cata, where you only had 100 health. It seems different careers have different amounts of health, though, now.